Tim and Nic arrived to Lake Baikal a few days ago. For those that don’t know, this is located in the southern part of the Siberian region of Russia and is the largest and deepest fresh water lake in the world. It actually holds approximately one fifth of the world’s unfrozen fresh water!

This was destined as the first considerable destination on the map for the guys in their first Russian section of the trip. From here, they will travel into Mongolia and reach the capital Ulan Bator. But first, time to take stock, wash the clothes and enjoy a swim in Lake Baikal!

- Giles

Still Waiting...

So yet another delivery date arrived and passed, according to the body shop the cruiser rolled into another vehicle so they need more time to fix the damage caused.

I am calling bullshit. It has now been in their workshop since the 21st of July 2014, and nearly six weeks later it is still not ready. Time to start getting nasty.