uGH but the tournament was like the best tho, because you had two badass females, one apathetic psycho murdering everything, one tortured soul who turned back into a nude human as he was flipping over a wall, and a wizard with daddy issues who totally forgot to use his magic for a while there, instead of abusing it and winning right out of the gate.

Manticore tails, for those of you who don’t know, release poisonous venom upon injection. Now, if you’re a mortal and you get stung by a manticore, it means certain death. Not a doctor in the world can treat manticore poisoning. However, if you’ve already died and are walking the earth as a reanimated corpse inhabited by a demon that thirsts for nothing but the blood of the innocent, manticore stings only hurt at the injection point and kind of just piss you off.
—  – Dustan Fowl, Year 100 Tournament