nekonoroi asked:

Hi, would you mind checking out my blog? If so that'd be great ^_^. I think you might be interested in a blog called "hitlerchan" on tumblr

Hii, thanks for the mail :> i’m actually following you love! (。・ω・。)♡ also just looked at their blog & omgosh i love it too, thank you so much ^_^ for anyone reading this ^ ^ ^ ^ this girl has a lovely blog ♡

hitlerchan-deactivated20120605 asked:

i AM DUVCKJ QW UACK QUACK ysh hshhhhsshhh its ok u ok bby dont worry ill just annoy all the time and send messages a lot bc thats how u make friends see its rly easy calls u a buttface

omfgf ok good i like itr when people send me ltos of messages and stuff i dk im dumb relaly dumb and gayyayy

calls u a wienER  ?? ? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

hitlerchan-deactivated20120605 asked:

fjnm, KJNFGJNJ KF//KFKJF//. HFFHJHFKLLF KJHFN ,,,,HHLHFCILIFDLSLUINHLER wow okay cool yes wo wo wozWZA WOWZA POWZA ye s u cute butt we will be tomodachis like omg fuck ye omg if you ever need someone to talk to btw im always here for you trust me i like helping ppl im p good at it shhhh kisses ur face

nndjjjdfhhJAEGLKAGEK,A,G,GA ,yeyeyeysss good i mrelaly bad at talking to people im not a hundred percent familiar w/ but ofmg ill getb etter at this soon ok ,, aaaah flops over and chirpsn fvnvmdmm hmmmdg,

thsi is good ryeyah