“It is the worst beauty regimen ever to hitchhike. I would go in the motels at night and look in the mirror. And I have in my office a little mirror, a hand mirror that I got from a joke shop where you pick it up and look at yourself and it screams. Well, that’s what every mirror did when I hitchhiked across America. It let out a shriek of horror when [it saw my] hitchhiking face — a new thing that I want to invent a product for.”

- John Waters on hitchhiking across America (and living to write about it)

Happy belated birthday to John Waters, the ‘Pope of Trash’ 


did she just…… did she just make a post?

Well YES SHE DID. I’ve been brutally busy the past year with everything from moving city to starting a new concept art job to hitchhiking for 3 months and I just…. didn’t have the spare energy to actually complete anything worth posting.

So I thought I’d start creating comics about my adventures whilst hitchhiking! Cos im certainly useless at fuckin WRITING these stories down..

I’ll make this into a lil series of all kinds of tales and stories if people are interested? But for now, here’s a few of the stupid animal problems I had at night….. super goddamn rough because that’s all i can achieve at the moment