Mint Condition - My Dear… These lyrics are so Derek, to Ahsha *Wipes imaginary tear* One of my most favourite songs… EVER!!!! 

Come and take a trip with me
If you’ll let yourself be free
You’ll fly away

To a place where the touch equals ecstasy
Stay with me tonight
Will you fly away?
Will you fly away with me?

My dear
I don’t want to be the one
Don’t want to be the one to hurt you

My dear
I just wanna be the one
Just wanna be the one to love you
My dear

These two crave each other. Their love is so magnetic, and no matter what happens between them… They’ll never be able to resist one another. Can we say, marriage proposal… IN SEASON 3????? Because this needs to happen lol. 

Our babies, are just destined for one another. *Looks for a tissue* 


Zero & Jude (Hit the Floor) - Best of 2013 Mash-Up


THIS sex scene caught me off guard XD