hit the bong

so last nite i went @ a hangout thing 4 english speaking Trans* ppl in the Berl, & had a good time, met some cool ppl etc. most of the Squad* went home by 2 or so but i kept it goin (as i am wont2do) n only just got home (06:35AM). the “ HANGOVER ” effext @ alcohol is @ Full Force tbh so ya i guess its time 2 hit Ye olde bonge n tumbl 4 a bit n then its beddy bye 4 ur girl!

yesterday on one of my ten minute breaks i ran home to grab a bong hit and since the walk is 4 min that means the walk itself couldve taken up 8+ minutes of the break AND the door was locked but my roommate let me in thank goodness and i got the rip and ran right back and fuckin made it

Chasing vague dreams of bong hits in the park with you. And even in that realm, I wonder what you think of me. 3 worlds and a universe apart, you sit crossed legged by my side. In the spring time of our adolescence, I continue the rotation. I was floating and grounded at the same time. Full with the world for a moment. The white clouds passing by, the cool green grass against my thighs.