historyofthefuturee said:

Hello, beautiful person! Share 10 facts about yourself, then send this to your top 10 favourite followers!

Aww thank you(:

-I loveee to write

-I randomly get in weird moods where I get really irritable and sad and lonely and I get really pissed off, and I don’t know why these ever happen, and I end up isolating myself

-I am alwayssss tired. Like I could fall asleep anywhere

-I tend to wear my makeup way to dark around my eyes

-History is my favorite subject ever, I wanna major in history

-I absolutely love The Pretty Reckless, and I’m going to see them in concert on November 11

-I wanna travel the world and go to a bunch of different cities

-I have a really bad habit of not answering texts, and right now I have 47 unread texts just because I’m too lazy to answer people

-If I could live in big oversized sweaters, I would

-I’m so self conscious that I can’t even be around my own house without makeup, like even around my own parents, I have to put makeup on as soon as I wake up or else I’ll get extremely insecure and won’t come out of my room until I have makeup on