intro to ska // literally the title- some of the more popular ska punk songs

001: we will fall together // streetlight manifesto 002: the science of selling yourself short // less than jake 003: on & on & on // catch 22 004: take on me // reel big fish 005: the impression that i get // the mighty mighty bosstones 006: somewhere in the between // streetlight manifesto 007: history of a boring town // less than jake 008: date rape // sublime 009: keasbey nights // catch 22 010: sell out // reel big fish 

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A boring life, in a boring town, with the same old crap. I used to say I’d never stay, but I’m writing here today. With that same old crap, that’s always been around, and I always thought I’d be, yeah I always thought that, and I always thought I’d be, the first one to go!
—  Less Than Jake History of a Boring Town

“Just talked to this girl,
used to live, yea, on my street.
After all these years you’re here,
and its still just you and me.
Sometimes I can’t believe after all these years
I just think I’ll never leave here.
She said it’s so funny,
how life runs out so fast.
Let’s take another drink,
and here’s to the past.”


#167 Less Than Jake-History of a Boring Town

I’m bored as hell there is nothing to do here and it’s cold. I know my problems are lame but I’m just in that kind of mood. It is true though there is nothing to do both the hockey team and the basketball team have away games. Honestly those teams are the only thing this town has to offer me.


Been stuck in my head