In 1961, immediately after overhearing her parents discuss the possibility of Soviet nuclear tests at the North Pole, 8-year-old Michelle Rochon grabbed a pencil and wrote a letter to U.S. President John F. Kennedy, in which she asked him to prevent the tests for one particular reason.

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The pineapple was originally from Brazil (though there are different varieties from elsewhere). The pineapple was spread by natives around South America and eventually to the Caribbean and the Indies – which is where the famous Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1493 and brought it home to Europe.

The pineapple did not make it to England until the late 1600s, and it became a HIT in the 1700s. Pineapples were also very expensive and was seen as a status symbol by many.

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still a history book or already a fanfiction?

okay so I found this (German) history book about the events after the second world war and it’s basically one giant UsUk fanfiction, but it’s still real history and it’s just too good to be true! We’ve got everything in there: from England’s disappointment and heartbreak when he is no longer the most powerful nation, his sorrow when America won’t help him in times of misery to the fact that he acts like a high school girl with a really bad crush around America…I lost it when both sides compared the ‘special relationship’ to a marriage and they were both absolutely convinced that they were the ‘man’ in the relationship XD

those who have been followers of mine for a while will know i would love nothing more than to be a victorian aristocrat but i am currently writing another dinner party scene for my novel and push me down the stairs and call me tina mate because there are so SO many little rules and regulations, some of which were literally unspoken, that had to be followed by both the aristocracy and the servants in order for it to run smoothly. a lot of them i’ve committed to memory from reading so many books on the aristocracy of that period (no you shut up), but i am re-reading some of them to ensure i stay historically accurate and it makes my jaw drop in some ways as to how much time and effort and to an extent, luck, went into these great aristocratic dinners.

at some dinner parties, up to 70 dishes were bought out throughout the course of the night. how they were not all morbidly obese is simply quite striking.

p.s. writing a novel is incredibly hard but incredibly rewarding/fun and if you are thinking of doing it i really recommend that you take the leap.

p.p.s. i love learning and love advancing on and expanding on my knowledge of the victorian aristocracy, however niche the subject might be! and the victorian era in general.

VIDEO: 26 fascinating facts about our Founding Fathers

Some of these I knew, but many of them were new to me.  If you like history or just random factoids, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did. 

here’s the video:

Bonus points to the guys from Mental Floss for mentioning both Benjamin Franklin and the word “polymath” (although I severely disagree with him on the pronunciation).


Have you ever wondered about what Japan did during WWII?

Perhaps you know about their activities in China, but did you know they also marched and occupied other Asian territories?

Maybe you’ve heard of their slogan, “Asia for Asians”, as Asians cheered their stylish entrance on bicycles as a break from centuries of European imperialism and colonisation?

Did they ever make good on their promises?

The answer is no.

(Also, please learn about Asian history outside of China and India (and Japan, for the weebs). Yes, they are important civilisational keystones of Asia, but they are not the be-all and end-all of the entire continent. Us smaller nations exist! Did you know Malaysia was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with China in the 70s? History!!!!)

Anyway funnily enough Malaysia and Japan have been making good since the 80s with Look East, as a counter-measure to giving our money to those dastardly post-imperialist Westerners (we prefer post-imperialist Easterners, thank you). Being weebs had been a national policy bruhs.

The point is: history.

25 January - The Reason Children have Safety Scissors

Victorian scissors.  Photo source.

Lena Reulexa was playing with her wax doll in August of 1892.  She was on the porch of her house on Francisco Avenue in Humboldt Park.  Lena was hard at work making new clothes for her doll out of some fabric & scissors.  As she struggled with the cloth, her arm jerked & the doll was lurched from its resting place & tossed through the planks in the fence, landing in the yard.

Lena clambered up on the fence, resting on the top of the pickets, & began crying.  Her mom came to see what was the matter, & found her young child balance precariously on the wood.  "Dollie’s down dere" was Lena’s response to her mother’s questioning, & she pointed to where her doll now lay.

As Lena pointed, she lost her balance & fell off the fence, landing in the yard.  Lena fell on top of the scissors that she had still been holding as she climbed the fence.  The scissors hit her chest, & penetrated her right lung.

The doctor was called, but there was little he could do.  Lena lived on for a few days, but in great pain, until finally she died.

This is the reason we have safety scissors for children.

From the Chicago Tribune, 25 August 1892.  Source.

It is just so fucking gross how many racist ass non-Korean people think they’re knowledgeable and act like they know so much about South Korea or what the fuck ever just because they like Kpop or claim they appreciate Korean culture or think knowing bits of facts and history makes them feel more “belonging” to that ethnic group and culture like nah.. fuck off.

That’s nothing. That’s barely even anything. 

You don’t even so much as scratch the surface, or even are possibly there yet. 

Normally I just internalize my anger when it comes to these things because it seems people never learn their lessons and want to keep defending themselves.. but once I pop my shit.. there’s no going back..