hissouthernbelle said: I saw someone on here have a countdown for a month & a half ‘deployment’. I was like you mean training? Lol.

And it all comes down to how milso’s need to educate themselves before they speak because they sound like a retarded cunt bubble. 

Deployment and training are two different things -__________- Common sense?

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Cute picture :) My husband is with 1/8 & left right after New Years. Boo deployments :/ But time has gone by quick so far, hope it does for you too! :)

Thank you darlin(: I’m glad it’s gone by quickly for you! I’m hoping with it being summer and nice that it’ll be better and help it go by faster than it being winter time haha. 

hissouthernbelle said: Oh wow :( My husband has been getting everything within 10 days or so- must be in a different area than mine. Its the rainy reason for a week or two more. It will be the warm weather shortly, so hope he gets it soon.

10 days? Lucky you! I’m debating if I should send his bed sheets since it’s taking this long to get his package. Hopefully he gets it soon because Valentine’s seems too long ago, haha.

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Omigosh :( And if you called her out on it, she would probably claim its just her ‘personality’. Hate people like that, its classless.

It makes me so mad. The thing is, I can tell the difference between having a personality and openly flirting and hitting on someone. I joke around with his buddies, it’s not wrong too. But I don’t flirt or hit on them. When we were all at the beach, Sean, his buddies and I, would run around throwing sand at each other and pushing each other in the water. There’s nothing wrong with having fun and goofing off. But there is a line, and she had been crossing it alllll day. We were all sitting there, throwing little pieces of food at each other. But when your attention is solely on one person all day and that man is not your husband, you just need to get the fuck out of there. She walks all over that poor guy.

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I have 2 kids & I haven’t been tempted to destroy mine either. When a mother has post partum very bad, maybe mixed in with something else going on mentally… thats what happens sometimes when they’re left alone. The brain isn’t working right.

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A Zombie Apocalypse is so on the rise. Like no bull shit. I saw when the girl said that it seemed like severe post postpartum depression. My mom had two sets of twin girls. She never wanted or tried to eat us. lmao But I wonder if it’s like a virus.

Sean said she had the hunger that only baby toes could satisfy.

I don’t know. I’m thinking drugs. You know. Mom said there is this new drug out it makes you want flesh and get violent. Seems kind of like 29 days bullshit. In a few months though it will die down and stop and we can just tell our kids we survived zombies. Lmfao