Relaxed by the Fire

Backpacking is one of Philip’s obsessions passions. However, even after one year, we had never been camping together. Since we didnt get to spend our one year anniversary together, we will be celebrating it tonight and Philip is taking me overnight camping at the nearby lake. The question I kept asking: What on earth do I wear?

I have never been much of an outdoorsy person. Dont get me wrong, I play tennis and love to swim but that is as far as I take it. Finally, I decided to stop complicating my life and gather some (what seems like to me) necessities in order to survive and feel comfortable at the same time: some spandex pants, a light weight cotton tee, a hat, and some sneakers. Hopefully the bugs will keep away and the thunderstorms won’t be too bad!



Tory Burch Lace Up Flat Espadrille + Dearie Me Wedges + Tory Burch Loafer Espadrille + Kate Spade LidoMossimo Supply Co. Ownah Stripe Espadrilles + Tory Burch Wood Wedge Espadrille

There is such a wide variety of espadrilles nowadays. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable summer shoes ever invented by humankind. They were originally invented as flat, canvas shoes but you can now find them with heels or as wedges and leather instead of canvas. Coolest thing about them? They are usually manufactured here in Spain! 

I thought I had packed my pink Brooks Brothers espadrilles but with all the mess in my room at home and the rush of getting my parents on time to the airport, I must have misplaced them and they did not make it to my luggage. However, I am thrilled to find my perfect match while I am here. I have seen a few stores that sell them for as little as €10, though I haven’t decided whether I want flat ones or heeled ones yet. We’ll see what I can find. If you are not  near Spain or anywhere where they manufacture them, I put a few of my favorite ones that you can easily find in the US (notice how much I love Tory Burch’s?). 


Fabulous Finds

I have been looking for the perfect T-Shirt Dress for a while. I finally found it when my friend Alexandra and I went to the Sevilla outlets. Although it was an hour bus ride, it was definitely worth it (and the bus was free!). I went into a store called Lefties, very similar to Forever 21, and bought this navy dress for only €9. After Alexandra saw me wearing it and I told her the price, she went to go get her own. I also love that you can mix this with many different belts. I have worn mine with my cream colored J.Crew belt. I might go back soon to see what else I find! 

You can find other similar dresses here:

Madwell Wanderlust Sumatra ShirtdressASOS Shirt Dress with Cap SleeveJ.Crew Andy Shirtdress + Motel Celeste Long Line Shirt DressASOS Petite Shirt Dress with Broderie Trim + ASOS Pleated Hem Shirt Dress


Summer Sandals

The hotter months are definitely upon us here in NC, so I just went digging up my favorite go-to summer shoe, my Chacos. I’ve had these for about 4 years now and they’ve never let me down. Really good arch support for my feet, comfortable as all getout, and can take almost any beating possible. Many people dislike Chaco’s for their relative chunkiness when compared to other sandals, but I’ve always been a big fan of how they’re styled for comfort and durability.

For the ultimate in open-toed comfort that you can wear on the streets and then hit the trails with, Chacos will always have my vote.


Catherine Malandrino for Lacoste

Two weeks ago, Catherine Malandrino and Lacoste combined forces and launched a new debut collection that can be purchased in all Lacoste and Malandrino stores all over the country (Crabtree Valley Mall, if you are from the area). 

The main idea was to make Lacoste more open to women. The style seems to be chic, everyday clothes that can still be eye-catching. The collection features white harem pants, black polos featuring the kissing crocodiles, pleated skirts, off-the-shoulder long sleeve tees reading “The Crocodile Loves You,” and other similar styles. It all portrays comfort and elegance. My favorite part? The collection’s logo. It is two kissing crocodiles, one green, one yellow. 

Luckily, Philip and I were able to see the collection when it first hit the stores!


Canvas, oh Canvas

Melissa may love her leather goods, but one of my bag cravings is a canvas rucksack. Many American heritage brands have been re-releasing their classic bags, and many newer companies are taking that queue and creating their own versions. Canvas is making a comeback. These bags can take all the beating in the world, and still look great for a ride around on your bike, a walk to classes, a trip in the airport, etc.

Ideally, I’d like to build my own. Seems easy enough with the time and know-how. However, if you don’t have a sewing machine, roll of waxed canvas, some leather patches and buckles lying around, I’ve found some great rucksacks from various price ranges that could fit the bill.


Duluth Scout Pack $95 (pictured above)

Mer Bags Basic Backpack from $95+ (Customizable)

Alder Stream Canvas Allagash Pack $85

O'Hanlon Mills Canvas Backpack $15

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Vintage Backpack $50

I’m pretty sure everyone just heard me scream in this building as soon as I read the news of Jenna Lyons telling WWD that J.Crew and Manolo Blahnik will be doing a collaboration for Fall ‘12. I’ve been living vicariously through everyone who has been going to the shows this NYFW, and this has been my favorite news thus far. You know me, I’m a J.Crew fan. And don’t even get me started on Manolos.

The ladies and gents at Elle Magazine said they estimate these shoes to be around $400. I think it’s time to break the piggy bank.

I told Philip about this and he said, “Who?”… Boys will be boys.


Photo via Fashionologie

Gingham Love

I had always watched how Philip admires gingham from afar knowing how good it looks on him. When I saw this skirt at J.Crew (on sale), I knew it was my time to venture out into the gingham world. Honestly, I didn’t even bother trying it on because I knew it had to be a perfect match. It was a matter of destiny. I’m still trying to experiment and try it with different kinds and colors, tops, and shoes. I’ll keep you posted on what I match it with!


Happy Easter + Welcome!

Evening Folks!

My name is Philip and my tag team partner on here is Melissa. We’re a Raleigh, NC couple with a big heart for the garment world and we’ll be posting what interests us for both gents and ladies in modern style. I’ll be tackling the men’s aspect mostly, while Melissa will cover dashing women’s looks.

We’ll be taking turns showing y'all you all what we love, and we hope you enjoy it.

(Melissa really wanted to put “y'all” but that is not permissible in a northern guy’s vocab)

Here’s a parting shot at our fun with Easter today. We had a nice little picnic dinner and all!

-Philip (+Melissa)

Key Items

As excited as I am to find the key pieces that will make up most of my wardrobe this Fall, its relieving to know I already have some in my closet. This polka-dotted dress meets most of my needs when it comes to transitioning to the new season. When it gets colder, all I’ll do is pair it with some colorful tights and some boots or flats. H&M and Urban Outfitters are great places to look for finding delightful yet inexpensive polka-dotted items.


Dress Code

I have always thought that it only takes one memorable dress to set a cool summery tone. It is so difficult to find that one dress that you can wear to almost any event. My love affair with linen continues though with my new perfectly lightweight summer dress. It's clean, simple, and sophisticated. A touch of simple jewelry can dress it up or down. You can wear it to Sunday brunch, birthday parties, cookouts, or even use it as a pack and go getaway dress!


Wooden Soul

Urban Outfitters Minimarket Space Wood Platform Wedge + J.Crew Camille Wedges + Buckle Catherine Platforms + Diane von Furstenberg Natural Burlap Wedge Sandal + Zara Wedge StrapAnthropologie Look-Through Wedges

Lately I have been seeing wooden sandals everywhere. I am trying to get a hold of some but I cant quite decide which ones I want. Here are my options. Have you seen any that you liked?


In The Navy

Zara Blouse + Corey Lynn Calter Linen Shorts + J.Crew Belt + Zara Leather Bag

Lately, I’ve been wearing the color navy like its my job (if I had a job). Besides these navy, linen shorts by Corey Lynn Calter from today, I’ve bought two navy dresses. Maybe it’s because I’ve been craving going sailing and automatically think dark blue colors, or maybe because I’ve already started thinking about a Fourth of July outfit. Still, these navy shorts with a white top bring me back to memories of my school uniform in Catholic school in Nicaragua. However, this belt from J.Crew definitely makes it look more than just uniform colors and is perfect for the amazing weather we’ve been having here in Spain.