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Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl

Bryan sighed, and closed the browser tab. He picked up hisphone, hoping in vain that some notification had popped up in the 5 minute interval since he’d last checked it. The cute anime girl smiled up at him from the screen, but it had long ago ceased eliciting any emotional response in him. He slouched further down into his seat and pondered again what to do. He’d checked all his favorite social media sites a dozen times already today. None of the games in his extensive digital collection held any appeal. His friends, what few he still communicated with, had all gone to sleep hours before—the downsides to having gainful employment, as it were. He briefly considered picking up the book he’d recently purchased, but he’d had incredible difficulty getting interested enough in the plot to make it past the second chapter. He almost opened up a new browser tab to look for a job, if only so he wouldn’t be lying next time his father yelled at him about how worthless he was being. Ultimately, it didn’t seem worth the effort.

His slouch had deepened almost the point of lying down when the doorbell to his small apartment rang shrilly. The shock actually jerked him just enough that the wheeled chair slid backwards and in the process deposited Bryan to the floor. Confused, he looked down to the phone he still held in his hand to check the time. Who on earth could be visiting at this hour of the night? It made no sense. Belatedly Bryan realized he kept no weapon, or even anything suitable for self-defense, in his measly abode. Then again, what kind of intruder rings the bell? Bryan pulled himself to his feet and walked the short distance to the door.

He paused in front of the entrance. Was it really wise to open it? Perhaps it would be better to just pretend he was asleep; most people were at this hour, anyway. On the other hand…maybe it would finally be something interesting. Worst case, it could be something to at least complain about to Claire and Scott tomorrow. Bryan gingerly reached out and opened the door.

The figure was on the taller side, roughly around six feet he’d guess. What had clearly been brown hair had been dyed to a shade of bubble-gum pink, which clashed in a horrifyingly fascinating way with the electric-green lipstick that had been hastily applied. Eyeliner had been applied in quantities and with an expertise often associated with excited preteens. The left ear sported several large hoop earrings, and the right a large stud containing some kind of dark gem. The plain black choker seemed oddly demure in contrast to the rest of the outfit, which would have easily have blended in at any punk rock concert. Combat boots,  bright mismatched stockings, pink tiger-print skirt, tightly-bound corset, and an assortment of wrist accessories all vied for Bryan’s attention. What ended up actually occupying his mind, though, was the fact the figure was clearly and absolutely male.

The stubble-studded face broke out into a wide grim, and the man struck what clearly was supposed to be a jaunty pose.

“Ahoy there, Max! It’s time for ADVENTURE!”

“…my name is Bryan, not Max. And who are you supposed to be?”

The man’s smile froze, and he began vigorously patting nonexistent pockets in a clear search for something. Bryan could barely make out the man mumbling to himself, something like “…have sworn I didn’t forget again…” though it was hard to tell. With an irked expression, he gave up on the futile search. Like a switch, the smile that was obviously intended to be “winning” plastered itself upon his face again.

“Well, doesn’t matter anyway, Bryan! Your adventure awaits, and I am here to accompany you! To answer your question, I am Aaron! Aaron Yan. Although you can call me Erin if you want, some of them do though I don’t quite understand why…” The man trailed off, and his gaze grew distant. Bryan wasn’t sure how, but he had someone managed to actually pronounce the different spellings while speaking. With a startling suddenness, Aaron’s attention suddenly seemed to snap back to Bryan.

“NONETHELESS! That isn’t pertinent at the moment! THE TIME IS UPON US! We shall embark immediately! Although I must say I’m a bit surprised at your clothing choice.” Bryan was sure Aaron’s maxed vocal volume would wake his neighbors, though Bryan honestly didn’t care that much. Bryan glanced down, taking in his faded, well-worn jeans and one of his many text t-shirts (“Irony is when someone writes ‘your an idiot’”). What had Aaron been expecting him to wear?

Wait, why was Aaron expecting anything of him?

“I still don’t understand, what adventure? And why are you dressed like that?”

“It is NOT THE TIME for questions! Your adventures await, we must set off at once! Barn chalice, as they say!” Bryan briefly had time to wonder who in the world actually said that before he was firmly grabbed by the hand and jerked into motion by the exuberant Aaron.

As Bryan sputtered out questions, they were all but lost to the void as Aaron chattered endlessly over him, promising him excitement and adventure and all the things Jedi weren’t supposed to crave. Bryan found himself almost incapable of looking away from the monstrosity that was Aaron’s attire. The fact his eyes kept wandering to the space between the man’s leggings and skirt end left Bryan feeling increasingly uncomfortable and confused.

They rounded the corner on the block. Aaron dug into a pocket with his free hand, and with a motion a nearby car emitted an excited trio of beeps. Somehow the aged Honda Civic, sporting mismatched colored doors, had been wedged in between two other cars in a manner that defied Bryan’s understanding of physics. With a jovial shove, Bryan found himself forced into the passenger seat.

Aaron’s prattling hadn’t ceased for a second, but now included several reminders for Bryan to buckle up (despite the fact he already had) as Aaron executed what could best be described as a 13-point turn. Finally free from the parking prison, Bryan suddenly gripped whatever handholds he could as Aaron slammed down on the accelerator.

Despite the time of night, the streets were not completely empty. Bryan had to physically bite down on a scream as Aaron, with a cry of “Ah HA!” turned his attention completely away from the road for a handful of incredibly long seconds in order to connect an aging iPod to the car’s stereo system. Bryan was relatively certain they sped through at least two red lights, but had closed his eyes after the first and  couldn’t be sure.

The bright voices of Swedish pop singers blasted from the speakers, and in an entirely unnerving fashion Aaron began swerving slightly in time with the electronic beat. For the first time since they had met, Aaron finally paused long enough for Bryan to get a full question out.

“I get you’re going to show me a ‘good time’ and it’ll be exciting and all that…but where exactly are you actually taking me?!”

“Ah, that would spoil the SURPRISE! They say anticipation makes the heart grow fonder, after all!”

“…I’m pretty sure no one says that. I think you’re mixing two—“

“Oh, come now, my good man!” Aaron possessed a remarkable ability to shut Bryan up despite his every intention not to. “Life’s wasted without a bit of excitement, eh? I assure you, EVERY customer I’ve had in the past has been more than satisfied by my performance, if you catch my drift!” A sudden swerve to avoid a car driving at a far more reasonable speed, followed by a long and angry horn. “Why, the fair lady of Astoria, the Princess Esmeralda, once remarked that a night…“

Bryan found himself ignoring the resumption of Aaron’s torrential tale-telling, and instead praying (as he hadn’t in over a decade) that wherever Aaron was taking them, they’d at least arrive alive and in one piece…


The amusement park was quite empty, though they had walked in easily enough. Aaron had gone silent upon exiting the vehicle, and Bryan had decided that asking questions was pointless, and just hoped that whatever Aaron had planned would soon become clear.

The pair wound their way through various darkened booths and empty queues, and eventually Bryan found himself ducking under chains to reach the entrance to a large Ferris wheel. He stood, slightly bewildered, as Aaron attempted with much gusto to open the locked control box for the ride. Over the rattling of the metal casing Bryan could just discern muttering that he was certain contained words no lady was supposed to utter. As if sensing the gaze, Aaron looked up to Bryan.

“Not to worry, I’ll have this sorted out in a jiffy! Can’t be that hard, right? Just flip a switch, and VOLLA! Instant ride.”

“…you seriously think they keep these things ready to go through the night? Did you come in here thinking you can just flip one switch and the entire amusement park would come to life?

Aaron’s expression froze mid-grin, and Bryan could almost hear the mental gears shifting in panicked thought.

“…can’t you? Pretty sure I’ve seen it done before!”

“…in MOVIES! You seriously thought this would work?! I thought you knew what you were doing!”

“Ah ha ha ha! No, uh, well, you see, this was an, er… A TEST! Yes! A test to see if you were paying attention! And you’ve passed SPLENDIDLY, my good man! Now that we’ve, uh, established your CREDENTIALS, we shall proceed to the real adventure. QUICKLY, m’lad! We have no a moment to lose!”

Bryan once again discovered himself being dragged behind Aaron at a breakneck pace as they made their way back to the car…

“Now, Brian,” Aaron again demonstrated his remarkable ability to pronounce spelling differences between homonyms, “what I think the issue here is a certain lack of TRUST! Clearly you don’t, for reasons I can hardly understand, think I’m actually going to do what I was hired to do!”

“What WERE you hired to do? I still don’t know why you were here!” Bryan may as well not have asked the question, as Aaron barreled on—both verbally, and on the road.

“So what I think we need now is a little TRUST exercise! I shall continue driving, but with my eyes CLOSED and my hands OFF THE WHEEL! Together, we shall reach out next destination intact and whole, and by god! We’ll have done it together! Can’t get much more trusting than that, eh?”

Bryan actually uttered a small shriek this time as Aaron did as he had just promised before Bryan could even respond. He practically threw himself at the wheel as Aaron leaned back, grinning and eyes closed, threw his hands in the air and pressed his foot to the floorboard. The engine of the beat-up old car roared hoarsely, but the car surged ahead. Bryan tried his best to keep the vehicle on the road from his precarious leaning position, and out of the corner of his eye caught the flash of black and white as they tore down the highway.

Seconds later, the sirens and flashing lights confirmed his worst fears, and Bryan let out a deep-seated moan. Well, at least this “adventure’ was over. Bryan had never been more excited to speak to a cop.

“AHA! The fuzz! Excellent!” Bryan froze in response to these unexpected words, and almost veered off the road.

“Well, now, Bryan, we can’t stop here! We’re partners in crime, as it were! An old-school chase, nothing like that to boil the blood and brighten the spirit!” Bryan had thought the car had reached its peak speed, but he was proven wrong. Aaron controlled the accelerator, and a crash at this speed would be fatal—Bryan had no choice but to continue driving, as additional lights appeared in the review mirror and Aaron began cackling cheerfully…

Several eventful hours later found Bryan panting on a remote hillside, legs clutched tight to his chest as he rocked back-and-forth slightly by himself. Aaron emerged from behind a nearby tree, and gave what was supposed to be cheerful slap on the back that sent Bryan tumbling down the hill several yards. Lacking the energy to do anything else, Bryan simply groaned and looked up.

He was unsure from where Aaron had produced the clothes, but he had winked conspiratorially at Bryan and said some long sentences about “throwing them off the tracks” and “never recognizing us now.” He seemed to ignore the fact that Bryan himself was still dressed the same, but Bryan wasn’t sure how he felt about Aaron’s new outfit. Certainly less garish than before, nevertheless the pastel blue sundress and polka-dot headband still gave an incredibly feminine appearance to a man who otherwise gave no such airs. As if to emphasize the point, Aaron tromped off down the hillside in the combat boots he still wore, singing some unfamiliar tune in a bold voice.

“Ah-HA! What’s that I hear?”

Bryan couldn’t muster the energy to look. Surely it couldn’t concern him if he stayed where he was. Aaron started humming to himself, with the occasional interjection of “Ah-HA!” as he busied himself with something near the bottom of the hill.

Several minutes later, more rapid tromping. Bryan opened his weary eyes at Aaron’s insistent tugging on his pantsleg.

“So, um, yes, we should go!”

“Aaron, I’m sick of this. I’m exhausted. Just let me lie here till dawn breaks and I can get a taxi back home.”

“Um, yes, well, about that. I wouldn’t stay there if I was you.”

Bryan dimly realized Aaron was speaking, but what had thought was Aaron’s humming hadn’t ceased—rather, it was growing louder.

“Yes, you see, apparently they don’t like being disturbed from rest, and while I had heard that gifts of that sort were very memorable, it seems I may have miscalculated slightly in the difficulty involved in the procurement of, well…”

Bryan sat up in horror as he realized what he had taken for a particular deep shadow was actively moving, as if composed of hundreds of smaller pieces. Finally, it clicked.


And again they were sprinting away as the horde of angry bees chased after the would-be invaders of their domain…

“But you have to admit, Bryan, it was quite exciting, right? Nothing like running for your life to remind you that, well, you’re alive! Amirite? One day soon you’ll look back on everything that’s happened tonight with great fondness! That’s what I tell myself, anyway. And then after, when…”

The thin fabric did not make the hard molded plastic noticeably more comfortable, but at this point Bryan was happy to take what he could get. He was exhausted. Theoretically he was looking at the value menu that had been shoved in front of him by an irritated waitress (glaring the whole time at Aaron Yan) but his gaze was more akin to a veteran’s thousand-yard-stare. His mind was elsewhere, such as on the bit with the black cat and the—no, he needed to focus on other things! He was doing his best to forget about the events of the past several hours, particularly the “adventures” after the encounter the bees.

He was failing miserably.

As he sat there, the light from the newly rising sun suddenly blinded him. This only further increased his misery. For want of anything better to do, and against his better judgment, he tuned back in to what Aaron was saying.  

“…more for the fancy restaurants. But have you SEEN how little food they give you? I must say, it’s FAR more EFFICIENT to go to a good ol’ fashion AMERICAN DINER TRADITION like this! Do you see how much more food you get for the amount you paid? Simply splendid!”

“Well, I haven’t paid anything yet.”

“Oh, my lad, I meant for the whole package! The meal is naturally included in the price you were originally quoted at for the experience!”

“Look, I’ve tried to tell you this already, I don’t KNOW what package you’re talking about! I STILL don’t know why you’re here, I don’t know what adventure or experience or…or..or WHATEVER this is supposed to be? Can you just take me home!?”

Aaron’s eyes widened slightly, and Bryan suspected he may have gotten through to the man for the first time in the entire evening. Bryan could once again almost see the metaphorical gears grinding in action as Aaron attempted to seriously process what he had just heard. For perhaps the first time since he had first met Aaron Yan, neither spoke for the better part of a minute, the normal clatter of an early-morning diner filling in the void.

“…well then,” Aaron finally broke the silence. “This is, er, rather a pickle, I’m afraid. So you did not order this service? This all came as a (rather positive I hope!) surprise?” His stare was unnervingly intense, though he was smiling throughout in a rather frigid fashion.

For once, Aaron listened with his full attention to the reply.

“-until your next great adventure!” and the door slammed shut, leaving Bryan in blissful quiet with only the hum of his idle computer filling the room. He quickly lowered himself onto his coach and closed his weary eyes.

His stomach rumbled briefly—Aaron had very quickly cancelled breakfast plans, practically dragged Bryan back out to the street before hailing a taxi to rush them back to his apartment. As usual, Aaron had let loose a torrential stream of apologies and thinly veiled pleas that Bryan not mention this to anyone, not that Bryan intended to.

The word “adventure” briefly crossed Bryan’s mind, and he could not repress a shudder that coursed through his body. Not even a day previously his  boring life had seemed, well, boring: now he was relishing remaining indoors for the next 72 hours and doing whatever he felt like, and that would very likely be ‘nothing.’ He shifted slightly, and Aaron’s grinning face flashed in his mind’s eye. Bryan shuddered again, though this time it more closely resembled a convulsion.

No, he was now quite satisfied with his life. If anybody rang his doorbell again, he would relish opening it just to slam it in the person’s face.

In his pocket, a vibration announced some new notification. He’d check it later—he was in no hurry.

No, this was how life was meant to be.

Between Us

Kyungsoo unlocked hisphone and scrolled through his old messages for the nth time, just to lock hisphone again. Putting his phone down, Kyungsoo let out a frustrated sigh. Chanyeol noticed Kyungsoo’s uneasiness and decided to talk to his friend about it.

“Waiting for her message?” Chanyeol asks, but Kyungsoo only gave Chanyeol a look of annoyance before looking away.

“Just say sorry.”

“I can’t if she doesn’t pick up.”

“Why are you guys arguing anyways. Aren’t things going great?”

“It was, but I’ve been so busy lately, and the one day I had off I promised her we’d see each other, she’s been so patient with my schedule. But then I completely forgot and when Krystal asked me to practice vocals with her that day I agreed since I thought I didn’t have anything plans. I’m really going crazy.”

“Man, that’s hard for her not to be mad about,” Chanyeol carelessly express his opinions.

Kyungsoo gave Chanyeol his famous glare, startling the boy, “You’re not helping.”

“Okay, here’s the thing, just buy her flowers and show up at her door and say you’re sorry,” Chanyeol suggested.

“You know she doesn’t fall for just flowers, and besides the situation is only worse because I practiced with Krystal and forgot about her. It’d be different if I was practicing with you guys. I really fucked up.”

“You guys just need to talk about it seriously. She’ll understand, you just gotta let her know.”

“Yea, easier said than done.”

Channel stood up and patted Kyungsoo’s shoulders in encouragement, hoping the best for his friends.

That night Kyungsoo came over at an ungodly hour after practice, and decided not to use his keys, but rang your doorbell. Without knowing that it was Kyungsoo, you cursed at the person that had woken you up at 3 in the morning.

“Who could this be anyways?! Why are you here?!!” you spoke to no one as you picked your sleepy self up and dragged your feet to the front door.

“Who are you?” you asked through the intercom, but no one answered, so you looked through the video camera. That head of hair, you’d pick him out from anywhere.

Swinging the door open you yelled in a whisper, “Seriously? You can’t use your keys?”

“If I used my keys then you wouldn’t wake up.” You rolled your eyes at his answer and turned to walk away, leaving Kyungsoo standing at the front door.

Crawling back into bed, you heard the front door closed and moments later Kyungsoo was rustling in your shared bedroom. Not wanting to speak to him, you rolled on your side and closed your eyes.

You heard Kyungsoo head into the shower, with your eyes still closed you scoffed, “He doesn’t even attempt to make up.” Pushing the thoughts aside, you drifted back into slumber.

Kyungsoo slipped into bed beside you and the weight dipping in the bed woke you up. You stirred uncomfortably on your side of the king size bed, not wanting to be in his reach. But your attempt was futile as his arms wrapped around your waist and pulling you in. You struggled against his grasp, but Kyungsoo wasn’t going to let go.

He leaned closer, his lips against your ears and whispers, “There’s nothing wrong between us, we just need to talk. Nothing can come between us and break us apart. You did nothing wrong, so please don’t be mad anymore. You’re all I have. I’m sorry, okay? I love you.”

And you melt into his arms, and ceased movements against his embrace. It was then that Kyungsoo knew you forgave him.

“You know that nothing is between me and her, but it was my fault for forgetting our date, my mind has just been on practice lately. I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?”

Trusting Kyungsoo and knowing that it was just a lovers quarrel, you turned your body around and faced Kyungsoo for the first time that night.

“Make it up to me then,” you looked at him with an expecting face, lips slightly pouting.

Kyungsoo smirked and leaned in to kiss your lips, ready to make up with you for as long as you wanted.

~xoxo~ inspired by Teen Top’s I’m Sorry