White people are literally so whiny “People where sexy eiffel tower outfits so we are being like sooo oppressed!!!" 


 Thing is its your own people wearing it, it’s literally harmless and no one gives a fuck. You aren’t going to be fetishized. It won’t start negative stereotypes that will affect how everyone in your country sees your people. Its a joke. You people who believe this is hurting you are a fucking joke. Don’t pretend its your people getting singled out, killed, pointlessly frisked, arrested and stereotyped or even looked down upon in different countries because of little halloween costumes. Don’t pretend assimilation doesn’t exist and literally everyone who steps into your white countries or where your territories are/were are allowed to live the way they did because of your people ruining them. That they can function without having to assimilate to your country’s white culture. 

Yeah you have your own white little countries with their own little white backgrounds everybody has fucking heard of because thats what we are forced to learn, because we are all raised off a culture where we have to suck your fucking dicks constantly and nothing exists but you and your cultures as the staple of existence because our cultures have been so fucked up the ass and assimilated to your culture. It doesn’t matter anymore. Your culture is forcing people into your culture at this point. And you expect us to like you and care about a little Eiffel tower or Oktoberfest dress?? 

Eastern Asian woman can’t be googled without porn/fetishization or a comment/meme on their eyes and are imitated through yellow face and have important icons mocked by white people


Middle Eastern people can’t be googled without fucking terrorism or being brought up. And check out their fucking costumes:


Black people are imitated through blackface and mocked for their lip size and wide nose all their lives. Our lips and hairstyles (Box braids, afros dreads, and cornrows) are made fun of on black people but considered high fashion on white people. 


Latinx and Hispanic people are all grouped as Mexicans who wear sombreros and ponchos and are crazy hairy in costumes and are one of if not the least respected and most joked on people in America. “Chola” is made fun of on them, but high fashion on white women. 


 Indian culture is being fucked over by white people everyday through appropriation for "fashion”. 


Native Americans are imitated through redface, iconized negativity and have their highly respected war headdresses chastised by white people everyday for “fashion”. 


Like goddamn there are even “trans-racial” whites now trying so hard to steal other peoples cultures as if its as flexible as gender, making transexuals look even more ridiculous to anti-sjws. 

Shit, Africans and Asians made the majority of inventions we use daily and get literally no credit for it but he have to learn know the specific names of  white people who looked at the stars and the world wrong?? Hispanics and Asians, especially the Chinese manufacture most of our products and they’re still looked down on like crazy. Most manual labor is from Hispanics, but instead of respecting them for being the backbone of our industries, they laugh at them and make costumes of it. 

But no. You are being “oppressed” and “culturally appropriated” because of a fucking Oktoberfest dress only other fucking white people will wear. I’m sure you won’t be able to function in regular society without being stereotyped or denied rights or sexualized daily or killed because of this “oh so horrendously outrageous and oppressive halloween outfit”.

37% of young white voters say they support #BlackLivesMatter

According to a new survey of 18-29 year olds by the Harvard University Institute of Politics, support for the #BlackLivesMatter protests is broken up along racial lines, with black (81%) and Hispanic (59%) people backing the demonstrations and just 37% of whites in favor. And only young black people, at 60%, said they believed the protests “will be effective in making meaningful change.” But there was one method of stopping police misconduct everyone agreed on.

Blacks and Hispanics ARE NOT People

I still talk to my ex-bf because we are awesome friends, and our breakup was basically a result of me deciding that school, achieving my personal goals, and focusing on bettering myself were my biggest priorities at the ripe age of 19. Anyways, I digress.

Today he called and told me about a crazy conversation he had with someone he had intended to go on a date with.

He was casually texting this girl and decided to ask her if anyone else had shown any interest in her lately, and she told him, 

“ No, only Blacks and Hispanics”. 

The first question to pop into his mind was “ Aren’t Black people and Hispanic people PEOPLE period?”

And so, naturally he was alarmed by her statement. The conversation began to progress and she started to talk about television programs she enjoyed, one being the Voice. My ex began to talk about the season with Juhi Pathak, a pretty talented former contestant that he had enjoyed alot. All she could note about Juhi was that she was the “ dark-skinned girl” failing to acknowledge any other prominent characteristics (She was the spunky girl with the teal ends and soulful voice) Juhi possessed. So he asked her the big question:

“ Are you a racist?” 

And at first she completely denied it and asked why in the world he would ask something like that. He referenced the two aforementioned instances, and she grew defensive. He explained to her that by technical standards he was Hispanic and that his uncle and his uncle’s partner ( Who was also Hispanic)  had adopted two Afro-Latino sons.

She was shocked his family accepted his gay uncles and argued that he couldn’t be Hispanic unless he had brown skin and spoke Spanish. She said he was clearly white.

Obviously, this was further from the truth.

Then he told her he had dated a black woman (me)  before, and she basically flipped shit, claiming that black women had ugly hair, flat noses, and were loud. She assumed that I had to be from the hood, I had to be impoverished, I had to be of a lighter complexion, I had to be dumb, I could only be attending a selective university due to affirmative action, and a slew of other negative stereotypes came from her throughout the conversation.

After he debunked her assumptions she basically asked why he would ever want to date a woman, especially a black woman, who was motivated and focused on her future instead of continuously thinking about him and catering to his needs. He told her that he enjoyed seeing women who were independent and ambitious. He wants an individual he can build with.

And, after it all she asked a surprisingly not-so-surprising-question:

“ Do you like that nigger more than me?”

He said, “ FUCK YEAH”

She flipped shit and told him he had fucked up, she never wanted to see him again, and that she had had such high hopes for him. 

He gave no fucks. 

She, being an 18 year old  dance major from Queens, NY, thought that he was gonna be a good ol’ Southern Boy who flew the Confederate flag, loved the great outdoors, and country music after she walked in on a joke he had made about OU SAE and the confederate flag at a party.

The bitch thought.

A lot of people are still really ignorant outchea and no matter how much you try to educate them, ignorance is rampant. Racism is definitely not dead. This girl is barely an adult and she seems to be filled with prejudiced thoughts. She tries to dawn the mask of an accepting person, but people eventually see through bullshit.