hishonourabletyranny said:

is she hungry maybe? have you checked her food cup? maybe she doesn't like/is not used to the food you're giving?

she has really strict died (always same amount of raw meat, potatoes and nutrient oil and she gets food few times per day. she gets exactly as much as she needs.) because of her allergies so it should not be anything food related because she has had this same diet for about two years now and she started drooling today.

colorless-confetti said: You could start by taking off the pedals and just sort of gliding and putting your feet down when you feel uncomfortable, and then once you’re ok with doing that, put the pedals back on your bike and practice riding, it’ll seem easier than without pedals.

!!!! ahhh thank you for the advice friend

hishonourabletyranny said: Whats the worst that can happen? You fall and get up you can do it i believe in you!


no omg but thank u youre so sweet im gonna cry

hishonourabletyranny said:

i want to watch naruto but there are so many episodes i'm really intimidated what should i do? should i watch it? should i watch naruto and then naruto shippuden?

ah naruto is really long since it has 200+ episodes in both seasons and the anime has quite a few filler episodes too so it’ll definitely take a while to watch (it took me a few months to get up to date) if you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands or you’re dedicated to just sticking to watching an anime as frequently as possible then give it a chance!!

the manga would take longer to read (600+ chapters) but there’s more plot relevant stuff so you don’t have to worry about fillers and it’s further ahead than the anime

overall, it’ll be a challenge but it’s up to whether you think it’ll be worth it! i hope i helped a little with your decision uvu

hishonourabletyranny said:

I hate this show so much everyone dies and it hurts so much im crying even now and i didnt even like richard that much. Like when george died and sloan and lexi died i literally went into a coma. When the episode started and meredith was talking about dying i was like 'i'l cut a bitch if meredith dies i swear to god' what is shonda rhimes even doing?! What is going to happen to callie omfg!?

Oh my friend, I know what you mean! I knew it that Webber would get electrocuted from the moment I saw he walking in that room, I just knew it, because you know how things in Shondaland works. And OMG, Callie, I cried! I don’t ship Calzona, and I can’t hate Lauren because I liked her charachter, but I love Callie and I didn’t want to see her hurt :/