Coming out on DVD tomorrow is “Amazing Grace,” the true story of William Wilberforce (played by Ioan Gruffudd). So to help promote the film, I recently got to sit down with Ioan and talk one on one about not only playing …

just found old interview dedicated to “Amazing Grace” There also exists mp3 version, so we can hear Ioan’s voice.

sehun’s nose makes me so angry its amazing like the side profile of his face is just incredible cus his nose is fucking surreal its so angled u could screwer meat n make a satay on that shit amazing

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I met the most amazing POT today! His SA profile says he can give over 10k in allowance a month and he was super sweet and pleasant to be around! The thing is, we didn't talk about allowance or an actual arrangement on our first date, just asked questions about each other. When do I bring this up for the best result? We plan on seeing each other again soon, and I don't want to bring up allowance/arrangements TOO soon, but also not too late...

Men will lie to get sex, just remeber that. So big talk does not impress you.
You are on the site for a reason, so it shouldn’t be a issue talking about allowance.
Stroke his ego and hype him up, make him take his guard down and swoop in for the kill. Don’t act like money affects you because you’ve had a 5k allowance before - have that mind set because men will always try to lessen the value of something but if he sees it is untouchable he will fight for what he can’t have. ;)

“If you smile through your pain and sorrow, 🎶smile and maybe tomorrow,🎶 you’ll see the sun come shinning through for you.” 😃
Thanks to @emanrmz I have a new profile photo. Check out his photography. He is amazing! #NYC #photography #CentralPark

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Hip-Hop Lover - Send me what if scenarios! What if you're walking home from school one day and suddenly someone's running into you and they had this cake with them and they dropped it and turns out it was Jin getting birthday cake for one of the members, what do you do? + Rain - 3 things you love about Taehyung?

Scenerio: I’d probably be super terrified at first because holy shit i just bumped into someone and now there is cake on the floor and theyre probably pissed off at me - and all while panicking id be asking questions while screaming ‘oMG ARE U OKAY? DID U GET DIRTY OR ANYTHING? IM SORRY ILL PAY YOU FOR THE CAKE HOLY SHIT’ and be lowkey attempting to stop myself from crying

then id finally realize its jin and be even more sorry and offer to go with him to the bakery/cake shop and buy a new cake and offer to carry it to the dorm for him honestly….

3 things i love about Taehyung:



Send Me A BTS Song/Title!

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have you seen this? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nyandono(.)tumblr(.)com/post/116170673221/im-just-gonna-leave-real-life-gladio-right


I’m really looking forward to his finished Gladio cosplay!! (especially to see how he does the tattoos hehe)

And if anyone hasn’t seen his deviantart profile you DEFINITELY SHOULD BECAUSE HE HAS SOME REALLY AMAZING COSPLAYS~ my personal fave is his DMC3 Dante like how are people so attractive bye

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Hi there! I cant help notice your AMAZING PROFILE PICTURE! How did you make it/get it?

Hi, thanks for your message :)
There are 3 images in my profile picture.
I used old-scholl collage method.
Is this all right?

04.15.2015 Wednesday
Can you guess which one is me? Siblings fun sketch by @georgengo813. Check out his profile on www.ngoyourart.wix.com/georgengo to view more of his amazing works…❤️🎨❤️
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John Barban Venus Factor Review No - Not a Scam

To be honest, this diet and way amendment is formed for people who have quite 10 pounds to lose. it's protected by analysis on targeted fat reduction supported the method a female’s body operates.
In the past, most of the work he has been targeted on has had to try to to with men and his main goal has been to assist them reach what he refers to because the “perfect ratio” with the assistance of Adonis Index.

Nevertheless, he has place a number of his experience and focus into learning the feminine body and what are often done to assist girls lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.

More exactly, he was researching human metabolism once he stumbled upon the surprising facts concerning leptin, that created the important distinction for those women needing to shed some pounds.

You can look at his Twitter profile here.

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What is this method All About?
Finally you recognize whose face is behind VF and currently you most likely need to be told one thing a lot of concerning the merchandise itself. very first thing you would like to understand is that the incontrovertible fact that it's a revolutionary program discovered by John whereas performing on a feminine dietary supplement.

Venus issue bannerInside of this method can|you'll|you may} be ready to return to basics of losing pounds and he will take away all of the information that has been free over the years. However, before can|i will be able to|i'll} continue with reasons why i feel this method will work for you, here ar a number of the most facts concerning it.

New way - this can be a life dynamical diet and exercise arrange fully dedicated to females.
3 months - it'll last for less than 12-weeks throughout that you'll be reworked from plump into match with results looking on your dedication clearly.
Sexy & robust figure - it absolutely was designed to assist women become a lot of toned, fit, and stronger than they need ever been before. you'll not solely slim down, however your overall figure ought to amendment drastically (I bet you're dreaming concerning this for a few time, right?).
Special approach - It takes under consideration the feminine perspective, and it understands that your metabolic form up is completely different than that of a men.
Targeted – most likely the simplest thing! this method permits you to slenderize in your usual downside aras (which are the waist, belly, thighs, and hips). there's nothing higher for woman than losing fatty tissue and having the ability to form their body at an equivalent time!
Please take it seriously: it's not one among the newest fitness fads that may assist you begin losing pounds in extreme method that's not manageable from the long run perspective. what's a lot of, you must not find yourself swing on even a lot of weight within many months once you have got completed it!

How will Venus issue Work for Women?
The VF offers a promise to share tips that may cause you to drop up to a few dress sizes within per week. However, the question on everyone’s minds is whether or not it truly helps or is it simply another scam?

There has been lots of ballyhoo encompassing this diet and its overall elbow grease arrange, but it looks to be a awfully solid and really tested program. The author – John Barban – specifically designed this to cater to girls solely and he can all out flip men far from it. john barban venus factor review

It was he UN agency discovered that a woman’s biggest downside once it came to losing pounds was the amount of leptin in her system. Here ar some reasons why women would like fully completely different approach to obtaining skinny then men:

Higher internal secretion levels – called a significant fat burning internal secretion, leptin are some things that women have in abundance (in reality double the maximum amount as men).
Stronger resistance – but, the matter is that the feminine organism resists the load loss effects that it's purported to supply.
Quick fall – once a girl starts fast, her leptin levels can drop drastically.
Check Out These MOST SHARED Posts:

The eight best Exercises for Full weight Loss
Beginner’s Guide to seven Day g Diet arrange
Ultimate Companion to thirty Day Squat Challenge
These discoveries have diode to what John refers to because the Metabolic Override (MOR). it's bound strategy that may boost the amount of this substance and build a woman’s figure answer it far better. It works therefore well, that cheat days ar even allowed which is able to allow you to take pleasure in some foods that ar your most guilty pleasures!

Leptin – Your Worst Enemy or Best Friend?

Here ar some facts concerning this substance in association to feminine body:

Improved metabolism – Leptin hurries up your metabolism {and can|and can} provide your organism signals it has to begin the method of burning fat (lower levels of this internal secretion will usually result in slow metabolism).
Resistance – Sadly, soma is thrice less attentive to this internal secretion than a male one. It implies that despite the fact that women have a lot of of this internal secretion, it's not as effective in their organism because it ought to be. This shows up in a very female’s figure by accumulation of fat in belly, hips, and buttocks areas.
Quick fall – what is more, different unhealthy news is that once you starve and limit caloric intake, the amount of this internal secretion can tend to decrease double as quickly compared to a person.
All these ar reasons why women can tend to achieve a lot of weight (even once they need stopped fasting) than guys!
3 Free Bonuses

Screenshot of Immersion ProductAlthough the higher than stuff is extremely intensive and includes everything you would like to shed some pounds, John provides you with further stuff:

The VF Workouts – this can be terribly easy pdf file that lists all the exercises for your 12-week program. you're expected to figure out for three days per week. for every day {you ar|you're} given set of exercises that are joined to short rationalization videos.
The VF elbow grease Videos – this can be an internet site that's protected by login and word info you'll incline once your purchase. It lists all of the preceding demonstration videos. These ar priceless!
The Venus Immersion – along with your purchase you'll get a free thirty day access to the final word Immersion! this can be the place wherever you'll be able to get nutrition calculators, trackers, one hundred uncensored  podcasts, elite community sections, specialty workouts, mobile apps and lots of more!
All these ar fully freed from charge and ar given to you with none further prices on your side!
Pay attention: people who be part of VF review will get access to the special members solely Venus Index community. you'll have the chance to act with different women UN agency ar taking part during this program yet and may take part on forums or begin your own blog!

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