• Charming:Wait. So Gold's plan to turn Emma dark is to have her kill a known criminal who's threatening Henry's life?
  • Author:Yeah.
  • Charming:But that's not evil.
  • Author:Sure it is.
  • Charming:No it's not. Killing someone for personal gain or for no good reason is evil. Killing someone who's trying to kill a child will get you a medal and a parade.
  • Author:But killing equals bad.
  • Charming:It's not that simp--look. What's Cruella's happy ending again?
  • Author:Regaining the ability to kill people.
  • Charming:Yeah, I'm still thinking we should have a parade on stand-by for when Emma gets back.

“Yes… Thank you.  That’s enough.”

[Lestrade with a kitten]

lashton = 2 year age difference
malum = 2 month age difference

Michigan Trans Teen Skater's Suicide Rocks Roller Derby Community

Posting this with deep sadness in our hearts.

On April 9, a 15-year-old young trans man from West Bloomfield, Mich., died by suicide. Known as Casper in the derby community, Sam skated under #57 alongside his teammates in the Darlings of Destruction Junior Derby League out of Roseville, Mich.

The Advocate reports that the news broke April 15th:

Nillin Dennison, an LGBT advocate who runs the blog Derby Frontier, broke the news of Taub’s passing Wendesday [sic], stating:
“Today, I was absolutely devastated to learn of the suicide of a junior derby skater from West Bloomfield, Michigan named Sam Taub, who also happened to be a young trans man, on April 9th, 2015. Known as Casper in the derby community, Sam skated under #57 alongside his teammates in the Darlings of Destruction Junior Derby League out of Roseville, Michigan. My sincere condolences to all of those affected by this tragic loss, who knew and loved Sam.”

The derby community across the country — and world — has taken to using the hashtag #DoItFor57 and is wearing teal in Sam’s honor.

The Michigan LGBTQ community (particularly advocacy organizations) seems to have been slow to pick up on the news; Equality Michigan has yet to post about it. Please signal boost!


EDIT (4/20/15, 5:15 pm ET):

[TRIGGER WARNING: Use of name as assigned at birth; parental rejection]

Sam’s obituary may be found here. Sam’s parents are listed as Cristina and Geoffrey.

It appears that Sam’s parents may now be aware of Sam’s trans identity. In the comments section to the Derby Frontier post, which broke the news about Sam’s death, a person who is presumably Sam’s mother commented:

The discussion in the comments section indicates that many of Sam’s teammates have been misgendering Sam, likely because Sam may have been out to only a few people. It is not known whether Sam had come out to their parents.

All around, it’s an absolutely heartbreaking situation.

when it comes to my new troll i had the full intention of making him a serious character but it all went downhill after i drew him in poots and then decided to give him fuckin thigh-high boots cuz i literally could not care about decent fashion sense anymore

and here i am doodling him in a jojo au

his stand is Cherry Bomb

Employee of the month

Blaze went over the reports and paper work in front of him, realizing what he had to do he gave out a heavy sigh. “Miss Gothel could you please page Miss Rapunzel to come into my office please?” He said over the intercom,”Yes sir! I’ll have her in a moment.” She paged the blonde over the phone,”Miss Rapunzel, Mister Hail would like to see you in his office.”


Anyone in the 1D fandom can tease the boys any time we want we know that they’re sometimes dumb asses but we love them.
But. If you come outta left field and even so much as think as muttering one bad word about our boys we will kill you in a ritual sacrifice.
Only we can tease our boys.