Michael is such a cuddly little bear like he has such a cute plush tummy and I can only dream of rubbing his tum and feeling his little hairs going into his happy trail and he’d shut his eyes and sigh and make such cute little happy noises and just turn into real life cooked spaghetti noodles as soon as he gets his tummy rubbed and a hand in his hair and wow this hurts

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ashton blurb about cuddling on the couch and watching movies/tv on a lazy day pLEASE

yes yes !!!

okay so it’d be one of those day where he’s has a day off on tour and he’d want to spend it cuddled up on the couch with you while watching a random movie. Your head would be on his chest and his fingers would be all over you. playing with your hair and fiddling with your fingers. or his arms would just be wrapped around your waist because he’s super protective. once in a while he’d leave a kiss on the top of your head or on your neck until you fall asleep in his arms. AND i bet he looks so good like his hair would just be everywhere and he’d probably be shirtless because he gave his shirt for you to wear and his sweatpants would be so low that his happy trail would be visible and dick outline



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“widgenstain replied to your photoset “I don’t own these. I found…”

They’re really prominent in the Hunger magazine shoot. *drool* But unfortunately he never did a shirtless shoot and they’re too often photoshopped out.

His freckles are beautifully prominent here widgenstain :

I always look for colour pics of his freckles but this can’t hurt:

And not much here except I love his happy trail :D

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Please tell me mirror and hat do the whip cream challenge where mirror has whipcream on his chest leading to his happy trail and hat has to lick it all up

you’re coming to church with me anon

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when did dan talk about his happy trail?

honestly I can’t remember which series it was, but it was a pretty recent episode. sorry!

My bf fell asleep on the couch and his shirt is pulled up enough for me to see his happy trail and I can’t. You think he’d notice if I sat on him?

So today the guy I kinda like was stretching in class and his shirt rode up a bit and I saw his stomach (mind you this guy barely shows skin always wearing long sleeves or shirts) and damn he’s toned. He had his happy trail going on and I was like damn, yes