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You can read the caption on my deviantart cause i’m lazy lol

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hi ok so whats your fav song atm? oh and Im 5'2 with long brown hair and blue eyes! thank babe!

right now, i’m loving speed of sound by coldplay :)

  • ship: luke
  • frenemy: michael
  • best bud: ashton
  • fwb: calum
  • song on shuffle: i just wanna run, the downtown fiction
  • a cute couple-y photo or gif:  

ok so imagine aph germany with a kid who’s got long hair, it could be a human kid or liech pre-haircut or idk austria got him to babysit kugelmugel. but imagine germany trying his best to braid this kid’s hair with his big sausage fingers. he’s trying so hard and being as meticulous as he possibly can he must know the secrets of braiding he must learn


Grooming side of dogblr:
What comb would be best for my corgi?

I have a “flea comb” that seems to work ok but it doesn’t get too much of the fur since the teeth are far apart (like the top portion of the TopPaw comb on the right.)

I’ve given up my furminator upon learning how detrimental it is to guard hairs and I’m getting complaints about his shedding (from him) so I need to settle down on some serious grooming and desheeding tools.

Or maybe you can recommend a brand or style online?

I want to be your assistant

Ok, so shiningflashlight asked my to make her a Namjoon scenario inspired in Ghibli’s film Howl’s Moving Castle (I did my best Stepho hope you like it). Ok, here goes nothing!


My shout could be heard all around the castle. This was the last straw, I was going to kill that little brat, that for sure. The boy appeared rushing down the stairs, only wearing some pants and with his hair all messy, as if he had just woken up. I huffed, he should have been awake and doing his chores two hours ago, but, as usual, he had overslept. He was a dead boy, that for sure.

“What is it, master?” he run his fingers through his hair, trying to make it look a bit more decent.

“Can you explain me what the heck is this?”

And by “this” I meant the stranger sat in the chair next to the fire, sleeping quietly, all wrapped in himself. Jungkook looked at the boy in the chair and looked as astonished as me.

“Well, that’s a person”

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Get an apprentice, they said, you will have a better life, they said. But seriously, or everyone was wrong or I hired the most useless and stupid apprentice in the world.

“I know it’s a person, you dumbass, what I want to know is what is he doing here” I growled, more and more annoyed each second that passed.

“Well, he surely entered the castle by the door”

I couldn’t help but groan and roll my eyes. Yes, I definitely hired an idiot.

“I didn’t let him in, he just got in”

“Shut up, Hopie, I’m not talking to you”

The fire demon looked at me almost as annoyed as I was and stared away, looking really offended. And in that moment, probably thanks to all my shouting, the stranger opened his eyes and looked at me with sleepy eyes and a confused look.

“And who are you supposed to be?” I asked, clenching my teeth.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I’m Namjoon, and I’m here to ask for a job, I want to be your assistant” he talked while standing up, his voice was deep and husky, sending chills down my spine.

Namjoon had blonde hair, almost white. He was tall, like impossibly tall and his skin was a bit dark, just like toffee. And then there were his eyes, those black and deep eyes, which seemed to undress me.

“And why do you even think I need a damn assistant?” I spat out, crossing my arms over my chest “I already have an apprentice and the only thing he’s good at is giving me headaches”

“I’m very helpful, I don’t usually give problems and I’m really tidy and clean” his sight wandered around the place with a raised eyebrow “And this place definitely needs some cleaning”

“That’s someone’s job” I shot an angry look at Jungkook who looked away and started whistling. I sighed “Ok, I’ll give you a chance, BUT, if you start to loaf around like this brat” I kicked Jungook’s chair lightly “I will turn you up into a llama, got it?”

“Got it, chief” I half smiled. Well, at least he has manners.

“And you, you better start doing something or I will vanish you, you punk” I told Jungkook, who immediately got up and went  to prepare breakfast “HOPIE, PREPARE ME A HOT BATH”

“Oh my God, again? I did it last night and…”


“You’re a tyrant, you know right?”

And things went on like that for some time. I would usually go out on the nights to make some of my works and get home really late, sometimes even at morning, just to find the castle tidied and clean, and some food prepared for me. I guessed it was all Namjoon’s work, cause Jungkook never did the chores. I don’t know why I let him stay here without doing nothing, maybe I had become fond of that idiot after so much time. But then there was Namjoon. That kid confused me. He was very helpful and followed well orders, but he was always teasing, as if he was proving me, provoking me, and that was really annoying. Who did he think he was to talk me like that? I should turn him into a rat. I was lost in those thoughts one night, as I was coming back home, just to found Namjoon waiting for me in the sitting room, talking to Hopie in whispers.

“So, she has been always like that?” He was asking.

I stayed in the entrance, in silence, staring at them with interest. What was happening here?

“Well, at least since I’ve known her, you know?” said Hopie confidential “She’s always grumpy and answers sassy” his laugh could be heard in all the room. I squinted. Damn demon, always talking too much “Why are you so interested?” he asked wiggling his flaming eyebrows “Maybe you feel something?” Ok, that was the moment to step in.

“Am I interrupting something?”

Both of them flinched and looked at me, culpability all over their faces. I shook my head, what a pair of idiots, if they had committed a crime you could tell only by seeing their faces.

“You’re back!” Hopie said, as cheerful as always, smiling at me “We are just some friends, hanging around, chatting… just like friends do, you know?” I rolled my eyes, what an ass “By the way, I just prepared you a bath and…”

“Shut up!” I said losing my nerves “You, prick, follow me, I need your help”

Namjoon followed me upstairs, into the bathroom. I was feeling really, really irritated. Everything had gone terribly wrong today and that conversation had been the last straw, so I needed a relaxing bath, or at least a bath. Everything was too much for me. And I couldn’t take off my fucking dress by myself.

“Help me take the dress off, I can’t do it by myself” I ordered, giving him my back “Are you deaf?” I asked annoyed after a moment of silence “Didn’t I tell you to…?”
A sudden brush of fingers in my shoulders made me stop and shiver. He began to untie my dress carefully, leaving gentle kisses every now and then while the dress fell down, sending shivers down my spine.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I said, swallowing hard.

“I’m doing what I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time”

He turned me around and smashed our lips together. We moved our lips in sync and our tongues started dancing together. His hands started wandering my figure, stopping at my chest, caressing my nipples. A loud moan escaped my throat. When I was feeling out of air, we broke away and he started giving light bites in my neck, making me moan louder.

“If you keep being so loud Jungkook will probably hear us” he whispered biting my ear lobe.

“I’m… I’m… I’m going to turn you into a leech” I grunted shakily.

But he shut me up with a harsh kiss. And that’s when I lost all my senses and let myself go. I took a grip on his shirt, tugging him closer to me, as he groaned against my lips. His hands left my chest and grabbed my hips, lifting me just to put me on top of the sink. With his hands he spread my legs to place himself in between. Painfully slow, he caressed my thighs until he reached my already wet panties, making me gasp. With a notorious smirk, he removed then, not leaving me a second to think before tugging a finger inside, making me jolt. He started biting my collarbones when a second finger entered, so I couldn’t help my back arching, pulling me even closer to him, rocking against them. I was almost there when he pulled out, making me whine, but before I could even notice he aligned himself up to pull me into a deep thrust. Oh god, this wasn’t good. He started thrusting at a low pace, his fingers drawing circles in my clit, loud moans filling the room. It was hot, almost too hot to handle it, I could see his eyes locked against mine, full of lust, deep groans falling down his mouth. As we were both close to climax his pace became faster until I came, followed right after by him.

“That was amazing” he panted

“I’m totally going to turn you into a leech”

(Well… that was intense)

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what woul relationship with michael be like?

oh my gOD okay listen carefully

cliff is like one of the softest human beings and he’s so lovable and cute and he would always be around you and would probably be annoying but cute annoying the one where you just want to pUNCH his mouth with a kiss oK and he would need constant attention like even if you were washing your hair he would be sitting there and whining about how you should hurry bc he wants to show you this new movie and whenever something happens he would come to you or call you and talk wITH THAT EXCITED LOUD VOICE cAN WE JUST & his cuddles would be the best thing ever because it would feel like you’re swallowed in this big ball of softness and he would play with your hair and kiss your neck aaND when you’re sad he would get sad too and he would hug you tightly like really tightly and he would be quiet just like holding you and rubbing your back (his voice will be that soft tone :((( ) & not to mention oversized sweaters and shirts pLS he would gladly give you all of them and getting drunk with him oKAY there would be loud music and giggly conversations on the kitchen floor ending up with you two falling asleep on eachother and waking up with the worst hungover with lots of cussing anD I CAN GO ON BUT IT HURTS

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Dear Codi ann, I hope it is ok if I ask for some advice. How does one become a better person and learn from their mistakes? Due to insecurity I have not been the best person lately and I have pushed a lot of people away. I struggled in old friendships/relationships and I find the same problem happening again in my new ones. I struggle because I do not feel worthwhile and I think they will eventually leave me so I leave them. I love your new hair cut you can really pull it off well!

Hi there!

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a difficult time lately. Growing from our experiences and mistakes is definitely a hard thing to do, but moving on and getting better is always, always possible.

I know it might be silly, but I’m going to make a sort of check-list?

  • Identify your recurring issues. What insecurities do you have and what effect do they have on your relationships? How do these insecurities change your behavior?
  • Come to peace and forgive. Work on coming to terms with your mistakes. Be forgiving of yourself and understand that we are human; we make mistakes. We can also move forward from them and do better, like you suggested.
  • Reconcile with others. Make the necessary apologizes to those that you’ve hurt. Explain why you did the things that you’ve done and how you’re going to work on getting better. Suggest that even if things can’t go back to normal, you wanted them to know you’re trying and respect their feelings.
  • Let go. Some people aren’t going to be ready to forgive and move forward as you are. That’s understandable, but make sure to do your part either way. The best that we can do is to show up and try our best.
  • Betterment. Since you’ve identified where your insecurities lie and how it effects your behavior and relationships, you might be able to notice patterns resurfacing before it becomes a problem. Try to be as open as possible when these things come up. It’s going to be hard but act on the right way, even if it’s not the easy way.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help / build a support system. It’s such a good thing to know what your capabilities are; how much can we help ourselves and when/where do we need additional guidance? Seeking a counselor, discussing goals for betterment and finding friends you can confide in is always a good thing.

I hope that this helps, even in the slightest. I also think that you should look into the work of Brené Brown.

“If we are going to find our way out of shame and back to each other, vulnerability is the path and courage is the light. To set down those lists of *what we’re supposed to be* is brave. To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” 

All of my love and hope to you.

ok but trans boy england is??? the best holy shit

england only starts to pass at some point in the 40s because he only learns there’s a genuine term and he’s just really happy. france does his hair to fit the english fashion an dpicks out some suits, america avoids gendered nicknames like ‘gurl’ and such that make england feel uncomfortable, his brothers still insult him but not for being a stupid little girl bc he’s not and the know that. they probably make fun of him for how bad his jumper looks. it takes years for england to state his identity to people outside of his alliances.

in a world meeting in the 70s he’s wearing one of his suits france picked out for him and quietly pulls germany before the meeting to a quiet area and asks him to use male pronouns and at first germany’s a little confused and stuff so england explains that a couple of decades ago he learnt about the possibility of being trans and germany just looks so ecstatic and is like ‘does that only mean being born a girl but being a man?’ and england’s just nah it’s your gender not matching with your assigned gender and germany’s so happy because she didn’t know that either and they are both just so happy

england takes germany straight to shops after the meeting and helps her pick out some nice clothes and he doesn’t like go ‘nah that doesn’t look very nice’ germany likes this skirt?? hey she looks great in it then!! she thinks this blouse or these clips and these shoes are pretty? then they pretty as hell

anyone who makes fun of england’s short height (5’9 isn’t rlly tall tbh for guys u feel) and germany’s muscles and tall height is probably gonna get england tryna punch them outta this universe unless germany stops him

i really want trans boy england and trans girl germany being cool friends and germanic cousins

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Ok I swear this will be my last ask for today and I'll stop bothering you :P but I've been wanting to ask this for a while now but I keep forgetting. Where is the gif of Sehun from where he has his rainbow hair and is lying down on his stomach? but then twirls around with an offended expression on his face. Lol that's the best I could do to describe it - I think he might've been wearing star patterned pants too but idk. Hope you know which one I mean. Thankyou :) :)

I don’t know what the video is, but by the looks of it (the clothes and the hair), it’s some bts video of their photoshoot for the Growl teaser photos….

Does anybody know what video this gif is from? :)

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Hi B. Which music video moment is your favorite of each of the 1D boys and why or um which do each look the best in to you. I wanna submit something to you anonymously after (but pleaase dont share it) ok thanks!

Hiya sweets. I don’t know what you’re planning, but I hope this is good enough for ya!

Louis - Story of my Life: Louis here really gives me emotions when remembering his grandparents as the two of ‘em fade away. (And his facial hair is great too)
            Steal my Girl: I love Lou in all black, and Louis with animals is all I ask for in life. And his hair looks so fluffy, stop.

Zayn - Steal my Girl: Everything. Hair, outfit, the rain. Goodbye.
           Kiss You: Stop like look at those big shiny eyes of his, right?

Liam - Midnight Memories: If you don’t think his outfit in this video is perfection then I don’t want to talk to you. 

Niall - Night Changes: That smile. The fire. Hot chocolate. Scrabble. The fuckin’ sweater. (it’s gonna be the death of me I promise you)

Harry - Steal my Girl/Night Changes: Okay it’s really the hair because, damn, those curls.
            Story of my Life: Because they way Harry looks at his mum makes me cry every time I watch it, no matter what. Plus soon after it transitions into Lou with his grandparents and ugh it’s just a tear fest. Leave me alone.

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BRUH can u do like a cuddly calum fic where he's just been really needy and clingy and youre trying 2 go out to go get something important but he jsut wants u to stay home and he gets fake grumpy

ok so calum was just sitting on the couch playin his bass and watching tv and such when you come running down stairs with half curled hair and your makeup done looking in the laundry room for your dress. calum was curious and said “hey where are you going?” you were still frantically looking and said “i told you calum, i am going out to dinner with my best friends from college.” you found your dress and ran back upstairs into the bathroom. you plugged in the iron to iron your dress and while it heated up you went back into the bathroom to finish curling your hair. before you knew it calum was standing in the doorway. he said “do you haaaave to goooooo?” he looked at you with a pout on his lips. you said “yes. i haven’t seen them in 2 years and they’re coming up for a visit.” he kept sighing, trying to guilt you to staying with him while leaning against the doorframe watching you curl your hair. when you finished you hair sprayed your hair. he said “are you sure you have to go??” you said “yes i’m sure.” and “excuse me” as you walked past the pouty boy next to the door. he followed you to the ironing board and sat on the bed while you ironed your dress. he sat there moaning and groaning while you ironed. you put on your dress and said “can you help me zip this up?” he sat up and sighed and zipped it up. you went back into the bathroom to finish putting the finishing touches on your makeup when calum followed you back in. he latched onto your waist and hugged you. you said “calummmmmmm i have to get ready!!” he said “nooooooooooooooo.” you said “yes!!!!!” and dragged yourself and your leech boyfriend to get your shoes from the closet. you sat on the bed while putting on your shoes. he laid on the floor in front of the door making you step over him. he quickly got up and held onto your hand ‘pulling’ you slightly back as you walked down the stairs. he said “no dont leave me!!!!!” you started walking towards the door. you said “its just for 4 hours calum. you’ll be fine!!!” he hugged your waist again and said “noooooo” and looked up at you with a pout and puppy dog eyes. you said “i’ll be home around midnight…….i love youuuu.” and pulled apart his arms linked around your waist and left a big red lipstick kiss on his cheek. 

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I HATE HOW EASILY THAT IMAGE POPS INTO MY HEAD I HATE HOW I INSTANTLY THINK BACK ON NANDO & CRIS BEING BFFS AT FIFA GALA 2008 probably bonding over hairstyle ideas WHICH IS PROBABLY SOMETHING THAT’S BEEN PASSED DOWN TO THE TWO BBS but knowing poor leo he will probably run outside with his cake and end up tripping (as always) AND CRISTIANINHO WILL HAVE TO SWOOP IN AND SAVE THE DAY SINCE HE’S SUPERMAN AFTER ALL and in his typical affectionate way will offer to share his own slice of cake omg