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2- “Have you lost your damn mind?”

It was Ron who spoke first: 

“Yeah, okay Harry, very funny. We know you’d never befriend that greasy git.”

Harry turned to observe Hermione’s reaction. She was looking at him in a way that told him she was fearing for his sanity, wearing an expression of skepticism almost identical to Ron’s. Their reactions weren’t too promising thus far, and although he’d never expected telling them to be easy, he’d hoped it would be going a little better than it was. 

“He’s not that bad once you get to know him.” 

This time Ron and Hermione directed their looks of sheer bewilderment and concern at each other, silently communicating via a lot of eyebrow raising, head moving, and shoulder shrugging. Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes and snap at them.

Personally, he didn’t understand what the big deal was. True, the three of them had had a sort of personal vendetta against Draco Malfoy ever since the start of Hogwarts, but it was different now. Harry was a Slytherin. Draco was a Slytherin. It was inevitable that they’d have to interact with each other at some point.

“Not that bad?” Ron’s voice was now increasing in volume, apparently having decided Harry was, in fact, telling the truth, “Have you lost your damn mind? He hates us! He still calls Hermione a-” Ron glanced at her before continuing, “He still insults us regularly, and you’re telling me he’s your friend now?”

“It’s not as bad as that! Just listen-” 

“It’s Draco Malfoy, Harry!” Hermione interrupted, unable to contain herself, “What are you thinking? He’s a vile, insufferable little-” she paused, struggling to find a word strong enough to express her hatred.

“Bastard.” Ron filled in helpfully.

Hermione glared at him and Harry took the opportunity to carry on. “You guys don’t have to be with him daily! He can be nice, in the right environment with the right people, you just have to give him a chance. I know,” he added, raising his hand to silence Ron, who had just opened his mouth in protest, “I know he’s got a lot of prejudiced views, and believe me, I’m not just going to sit back when he says something offensive. It’s just the way he’s been brought up.” 

“That doesn’t excuse it!” Hermione shouted, loud enough to make Ron flinch. 

“I know it doesn’t! I’m just saying he’s not a completely terrible person!”

Hermione seemed overcome with indignancy and Ron took over the argument for her, attempting to be the voice of reason. “It’s just- It’s Malfoy, mate. He hates our guts. He hates my family’s guts. And he used to hate your guts, too.”

“Look, I get it. I do. Draco can be a git, I’m not denying it, I’m just- I’m not defending him or anything, I know what he’s done, what he’s said. I know he’s not exactly the nicest person alive, but people can change. It’s true he doesn’t like either of you very much, but we’ve come to an agreement. He’s not going to disrespect you guys anymore. Or your family for that matter. He’s been incredibly mature about all of this, as a matter of fact, and I’d like you guys to be able to do the same.”

Ron turned to Hermione, and they had another silent conversation. From what Harry could tell, Ron seemed to be pleading for something, whereas Hermione remained obstinate.

“I’m not asking you to become buddies with him or anything- and you know you two are my best friends, that’s not going to change. You don’t have to be okay with this straight away- and I’m not expecting you to. But I really don’t want to lose you guys. Do you think you could just… I don’t know, go with it? For now, at least?” 

Ron sucked in a breath, and looked over to Hermione before shrugging his shoulders and nodding, “I mean,  I guess so… Just don’t ditch us for him, yeah?” 

Harry shook his head frantically to signify that he wouldn’t, and Ron gave him a small half grin. They turned to Hermione.

She studied them both carefully before giving a sharp, reluctant nod and returning to her book. She was angry at Harry, and he could completely understand why. He’d happily endure the silent treatment for a few days if it meant she’d remain his friend.

Ron leant back in his chair and sighed, “Next you’ll be telling us you’re bloody dating the guy!” he joked. 

You have no idea how right you are, Harry thought to himself wearily. He really was dreading that particular discussion.

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(`He wasn’t in a hurry despite the water pouring down from heaven, it was just water nor would it hurt him and he wasn’t going to hurry himself, he’d end up coming home drenched either way. Whilst minding his own business and walking home, the rain suddenly stopped though as he looked up to see if the sky was cleared he instead was met with an umbrella over his head, making him turn his head just in time to watch the other’s lips move) Oh. (`Was the first thing he let out when seeing him, nodding then) Yeah, well rain’s not that bad is it? I won’t die if I get wet. (`he assured but offered a smile to show he was thankful either way.

[` the strangers words have him chuckling, a shake of his head being followed by a lazy shrug ] well, it’s better than being soaked the entire way, isn’t it? i mean, you may already be completely drenched but avoiding any excess rain can’t be too bad, right? [` he extends the hand that isn’t holding the umbrella for a shake, an inviting grin gracing his features ] kim sungjoo. i live near here, actually. i think i’ve seen you around before, so i hope you don’t mind me forcing my presence on you like this. [` he laughs, scratching the back of his neck ]


“ A pity they made you Arbiter.”

Ripa nudged the smaller one with his thick right hand. His mandibles were taught and his lips were drawn back.

“ You would have made a far better decoration for a High Temple.”

Bloodlust welled in the larger one. He desired to re-earn his gods’ favor. What better way to do that than to present them with the silver-armored heretic’s corpse.



Thel let out a chuff sound, and looked quite disgruntled
when the other had made such a comment towards him…
Raising his head up higher to look the one in the eye again,
before he huffed and moved to turn away.

           “You are far too old to be saying such
             childish words… And if I were you,
             Moramee - was it? - I would remove
             that armor from your hide, before others
             find out that there are two of the same
             highest ranks of public shame walking
             about among the stars… It could disrupt
             everyone’s day.”

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Shaking hands combed their way through his hair a couple more times. Although she could almost feel his discomfort, she continued to clip the flowers into his hair, even sneaking in a third flower clip. "There. That wasn't too bad, was it? So cute! But.. " She moved back behind Trip, admiring her work from a safe distance. "I'm starting to think he'd look better with ribbons and frills instead. Trip?"

Patting along the row of flowers upon his head, he scowled at the discovery of the third. As the girl scurried over to the bottle blonde and mused over the suggestion of ribbons and frills, Virus  made a mental note to concoct a method of revenge against Trip for allowing this to get out of hand. 

“Nah, let’s leave the tortured soul alone, shall we?”

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"You're safe, I've got you"

Minseok’s eyes stung with tears and his throat burned with acid as he looked up at the source of the voice and tried to speak. “N-noona?.. W-where?.. H-how.. find me?” He was in the ally way beside one of the night clubs he frequently visited. There was vomit around him and he could feel his stomach churning again as he tried to move slightly to see her better. He was in and out of consciousness, however, and his eyes seemed to roll to the back of his head. “H-help..”

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Just keep your head up and the right guy will come along. Make yourself happy before you make anyone else happy. I can tell you there is nothing wrong with you.... It's him. And he will see where he fucked up one day. But by then, you'll find someone even better and you'll realize why nothing else ever worked out. Keep your head up, that's all you can do.

The first time he ever left me it took me so long to move on which I never really did because I was constantly looking at our stuff or his social media or sleeping with his sweatshirt… and when we got back together I could of swore he felt bad about it and wouldn’t do it again, or in the same way anyways….. And it did but 20X worse…… Because I fell so much more in love with him and continued to fall more and more for him every single day even when it was a bad day for us.. It’s so much harder than what you think… The distance is what is killing me right now but I was getting a tiny bit better everyday up until I started speaking to him again. I stayed up all night talking to him on FaceTime and he told me everything id want to hear… And now it’s back to the norm. It’s hard making yourself happy with no one to help but I’m seriously so thankful for the people that have been around and taking care of me. S/o to xanthropomorphic-roverx I love you