his lips are just the same on that pics

alyssaco asked:

Hi doll. So I'm new to this and I wanna ask the same shit ppl always ask. I got the basics down pack made an sa account fake name include and pic just showing my nose and lips nothing provocative. I sent a few messages out no replay. What should I do at this point? I feel like I can spot pot now lol. What should I do going forward should I try am to see if I get any hits. School me I'm open to this.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be discourage. Everyone has their specific taste so you’re not going to meet everyone’s preference. Or you could completely revamp your profile to be more appeal to the type of men you are trying to attract. But on a side note, I’ve had the most luck not expecting it if that makes since. The SDs that I have had kinda happened without me forcing it. 

As of what to do, keep messaging men who you think you can sway. You could try AM but their expectations are kinda all over the place so be specific about what you want. Good luck xo