I find myself growing impatient with others,
When I am without you. I held off for a time
But now I am missing you far too much.
No one knows you as I do
And no one can challenge me to be better
As you do. In my heart, I’ve been
In love with you for years and years.
—  "Years and Years" by Radha Kistler 

This is Damien. Damien is a 13 year old boy who loves the color blue, is an AMAZINGLY TALENTED artist, and is a little (or a lot) obsessed with the movie “Big Hero 6,” which he even shows on his shirt. Damien is also transsexual. Today, Damien swallowed a bottle of pills and ran into traffic as an attempt to kill himself, and is currently alive in a hospital, and although we are still not sure of his story or his current condition, at the moment, his sister has been giving mild updates. As far as I know, right now Damien is alive. And I’m hoping, along with many others, hoping that he will stay alive. Now, I’m not sure what Damien’s story is. I know that he was born with the name Sophie. I know the things I mentioned In the very beginning of this post. And I know that this is not okay. Transsexual bullying needs to stop. All sexuality and gender bullying needs to stop, actually. Or how about just all bullying? Damien is not the first kid to attempt a suicide because of disproval of his being transsexual. He’s just the only one who is still alive. First, it was Leelah. She was only 17, a few months ago when she committed suicide. And then there was Zander. He was only 15 years old. These are only children, ending their own lives because of who they are inside!! This infuriates me in so many levels, It needs to stop. No matter what your gender, your sexuality, your race, your personality, your ANYTHING, you are beautiful. You are worth it. You deserve to live. Right now, all we can do for Damien is pray, but on Monday, February 23, everyone is being asked to wear blue (Damien’s favorite color) to show awareness of trans suicide and to support Damien. Please, everyone, keep him in your prayers, don’t judge people, being accepting, help people who need help, stand up for someone who’s being bullied.. Please, let’s put a stop to this.
Damien’s suicide note was posted as the caption on his currently most recent picture on Instagram, if anyone is interested in reading it, here is his Instagram account: @/0hiro.hamada0