And then in the middle this woman just commented “his voice grates on me” and I’d just had enough by this point, I was fed up, so I just commented “well so does your face so I guess we’re even” and by this point Daniel commented on Facebook asking is I maybe wanted a glass of water or a tampon and I replied “No. I want your mum to stop sending me naked pictures.”
—  *Context: Hirsty complaining about unnecessary hate on Instagram.*
Hirsty- Capitol Radio.
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thephantomofthesymphony said:

1) Juan Diego Florez, Jonas Kaufmann, Sir Thomas Allen. 2) Dame Janet Baker, Maríanne Hirsti, Aprile Millo. 3) Andreas Scholl, Philippe Jaroussky, Håkan Hagegård. 4) Gerald Finley, Samuel Ramey, Christopher Job.


1. I’d bang Jonas, marry Juandi, and get drunk with Sir Thomas.

2. I’d bang Janet, marry Aprile, and get drunk with Marianne.

3. I’d bang Andreas, marry Philippe, and get drunk with Håkan.

4. I’d bang Christopher, marry Samuel, and get drunk with Gerald.