female pen pal (via text) needed!

looking for a girl to text and talk about things with. I don’t have many friends and sometimes a girl needs to talk shit out. we can talk about anything else as well. for this, I’m looking for a few certain things so check below and then send a message to my ask to confirm! ☺️

1. be from canada (rates apply for me anywhere else)
2. be female, don’t waste my time pretending to be one for your own entertainment.
3. be real and be yourself.

1. supernatural
2. the 100
3. cats
4. 420 friendly
5. accepting of lgbtq
6. preferably lgbtq yourself

[Guide] Questions to Ask a Company In An Interview

You’re in the middle of an interview and the conversation seems to be going well…until the interviewer hits you with that dreaded question: “Do you have any questions for me?”

Many of us have been in this position before.  Numerous times throughout my career, I’ve made the mistake of going into an interview without having prepared a good set of questions to handle the situation I described above.  I end up winging it which has a 50/50 shot of actually working.  Sometimes, I get lucky and can think of something quickly enough to keep the conversation flowing seemingly naturally (and I can breathe an internal sigh of relief) but many other times, it results in a horrible awkward silence, broken only by my “uhhh”s and “hmmm”s while I try to think of something, followed by the less than ideal, “Actually, I think you just about covered everything!”  Regardless of whether or not I have come off as unprepared to them, I feel super unprepared in that moment and it throws off my interviewing mojo.

So to prevent this, I’ve compiled a template consisting of a list of solid, general questions I personally have asked in interviews that seemed to have gone over pretty well.  I originally made this as a reference for myself but thought it might be useful to share it with all of you.  If you think of any of your own, or have suggestions for what has worked for you, let me know and I’ll append them to this post!


Questions to Ask a Company In An Interview

Company Goals/Vision

  • Where is the company trying to go?  What do you think is the company’s long term mission/vision?
  • Who is the company’s target market/audience/client?
  • Who are some of the company’s biggest clients?
  • Have you already released your product? (Is it live?)
  • How successful has your product been so far?
  • Who are some of your competitors?

Company Financials (Startup-oriented)

  • What is the funding process? (eg. How often does the company raise?  Which series?)
  • How does the company acquire funding?
  • Who are some of the company’s investors?
  • Is the company profitable?  (Does the company generate income?)

Company Demographics/Culture

  • How big is the company?  What is the current number of total employees?
  • How many people are on the engineering team?
  • How many women are on the engineering team?
  • If the percentage of women engineers is low, what are some of the ways the company is trying to increase that percentage?
  • What is the management structure? (flat? hierarchical?)
  • If the management structure is flat, how does the company plan on scaling?
  • How do you see the company structure changing as the company grows?
  • What is the typical engineering schedule? (lots of overtime or emphasis on work/life balance?)
  • What are the typical hours people usually come into and leave the office?
  • Are employees allowed to work from home?
  • How many people work remotely?

Engineering Specifics

  • Are you currently more interested in language/platform specialists (e.g. Objective-C programmer) or software engineering generalists?
  • What are the primary languages and platforms engineers at your company work in?
  • What is your code stack?
  • What is the build environment like?
  • Is testing automated? (unit tests, integration tests, etc.)
  • What would I be doing?
  • What kind of problems would I be solving?  Can you give me some examples?

Meta questions about the Interview

  • What are the next steps?
  • Is there anything in particular I should prepare?
  • Is there a particular language you will be testing me in?
  • (If the person you are speaking with reached out to you first) I imagine you’ve already seen my LinkedIn profile or my resume – What made you initially interested in reaching out to me?
  • Do you have any other questions for me?


If you have any questions you want to add, post them in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@blackfemcoders)!  Happy interviewing! :)

LGBTQ Publishing House Seeking Marketing Coordinator

Riptide Publishing is an industry leading digital press that releases roughly 80 titles a year, and we are hiring a new marketing coordinator! 

Duties will include the coordinating of day-to-day marketing and publicity tasks for the press: Perform research, cultivate our contact lists, prep blog tours, explore new marketing opportunities, develop marketing plans, assist with social media accounts, vet NetGalley requests, liaise with authors, etc. You will manage three part-time employees, and will also help to represent the press at industry events and conventions such as RT, RWA, BEA, GayRomLit, etc.; expect to travel approximately five times per year.

If you have great writing and interpersonal skills, an ability to self-manage, and a desire to work from home, this position could be for you!

Interested? Check out the job listing for more details.

6 Tips For Hiring The Right Employee

Hiring the right employees can make or break your business.  However, there are certain rules that you can use to hire the right employee for your business every time:

1)  Look for Someone With a Commitment to Their Career.

2)  Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills.

3)  Find an Employee That Will Fit In With Your Company’s Culture.

4)  Keep Improving Your Hiring Process.

5)  Don’t Forget to Hire Interns.

6)  Get Social With the Candidates.

Read more.

We are ‪#‎Hiring‬ at Akal Charitable Hospital ‪#‎BaruSahib‬
• Pediatrician, Child Specialist
• Resident Medical Officer
• Medical Specialist
•Dental Surgeons
• Female Physiotherapists
• Retired Nurses • Nursing Suptd.
• Pharmacists
• Laboratory Technicians
Interested Candidates may send their resume with Photographs through e-mail :

Contact Details- +91 9816441158, +91 9816400512

WORD Jersey City is hiring!

Needed ASAP: Events coordinator for our Jersey City location. The ideal candidate will have prior bookstore experience and/or prior event planning experience – and be a super book nerd. This position works closely with the events director and requires serious attention to detail and the ability to multitask, as well as a great deal of social media savvy. Responsibilities include writing press releases and event newsletters; working on promotion of all events in store and online; event hosting; being the face of WORD with authors and publishers; and much more. Serious candidates, please apply by sending your resume to christine@wordbookstores.com. Please include links to your social media accounts!

We are ‪#‎Hiring‬ at Akal Nursing Hospital ‪#‎BaruSahib‬- 1st Nursing Hospital in Himachal Pradesh!
• Associate Professors
• Assistant Professors in OBG
• Medical Surgical
• Psychiatry
• Community and Pediatrics Nursing
Interested Candidates may send their resume with Photographs through e-mail :

Contact Details : +91 9816441158, +91 9816400512
Apply SOON!
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First preview of my film coming later this year! (get ready for some more concept stuff being posted soon probably)

I’m still in need of Composers, Sound Designers and Voice Actors!
So if this is you email me at Shannon_Tal@hotmail.com, or send me an ask if you want more info

I’m mainly looking for a female and male voice actor, and my film will be completed later this year (Mid November) but I will be needed voice actors in the coming months!


Due to personal events, the blog has been late on updates recently and it became harder for the admins to take care of the blog which is why we decided to look for people who are willing to join the team and help provide the most quality updates about the boys. With their recent debut and upcoming activities and schedules, we wish to bring faster updates and attend to the needs of fellow fans around the globe.

We are currently looking for two moderators to join us but we might accept more if necessary. We will be extremely picky when choosing admins and they will only start as a mod for us to evaluate his/her work and see how determined they are to keep the blog active. The blog is very important to us so we hope that all of you will understand.

Please keep in mind that you should only apply if you have a lot of spare time and is 100% sure in joining the blog. We don’t want people who are only looking for options on which blog to apply to.

1. You must be committed, willing to learn and can follow instructions easily. We won’t hesitate to remove those who don’t listen and only work on their own liking.
2. Must be able to navigate through sites like Naver, Weibo, Official Fancafe, Fansites, etc.
3. Must have a Twitter and Line account for communication purposes.

We are looking for people whose timezone is similar to Korea’s or a few hours behind KST, knows a lot about the members so they would be able to answer Monsta X related questions and are willing to dedicate their time in sharing updates.

Send your application to monstaxboys@gmail.com with the filled out form found below:
Email address:
Forms of contact
(Twitter, Tumblr, Line):
Specific requirement you need help with:
Are you currently an admin of any blog
(fys or any fanbase) or had experience on handling one? If yes, please specify:
Other comments/concerns:

Applications are open until further notice. We will contact you through email if you got accepted.

We are also looking for KOR-ENG Translators! Same process of application applies. If you have any questions, hit our ask box and we will get to you immediately. Please help us spread this post through reblogs. Thank you!


We are recruiting new posting staff and translators for DAILYEXO’s team. To apply, please send in an application as outlined below. A familiarity with Tumblr is assumed for posting staff, while translators are expected to possess a working knowledge of their chosen language(s), and English. Any additional skills which may be required will be taught to the applicant through training.


  • Position: The position or postions for which you are applying. You may choose one or more amongst the following, provided that you meet the reasonably expected criteria: posting staff, Korean translator or Chinese translator.

  • Name: A nickname or similar, which may be used to address you.

  • Age group: Stating your exact age is not required, but a general age group must be provided.

  • Contact details: Your Tumblr URL, Line account or similar.


  • The applications are to be sent in through the submission box, or the Ask.
  • To facilitate easier communication, please ensure your ‘Ask’ is enabled, and that you are logged in to your Tumblr account while sending in the application. Anonymous applications can not be processed.
  • All applicants will be contacted within no more than two days of applying. If no reply is received, it can be assumrd that the application was not received.
  • Your applications details will be kept strictly confidential. They will be visible only to the Admin and deleted as soon as the application is processed.

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The New Hiring Mindset

The New Hiring Mindset

By S. Lock  “An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” Those were the wise words of Dee Hock, the Founder and ex-CEO of VISA International. What Dee Hock is saying is very clear: People are the real assets of an organization. What is critical is not the form or the structure, but the substance of the organization; and the substance of an…

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