Breanne, Sara, and Dianna's Top 1 Greatest Mistake Ever

I knew the day would come when we would remember a hot TV dad that we forgot about at list-making time. I knew the realization would hit us like a truck. I knew we’d feel like the world’s most inadequate judges of hot TV dads.

I did not know that it would happen so soon, that the truck would be a train, and that I’d have to be talked down from deleting this idiot blog all together and going straight to bed without even a slab of corncob butter because I should just STARVE UNTIL I DIE BUT NOT BEFORE I MURDER DIANNA AND SARA for our gross oversight!

Or, you know, I could just post this.

We forgot about Hiram Berry. One of Rachel Berry’s Dads on Glee. Played by Jeff Goldblum. J Gold didn’t just play the hottest TV dad; he is the hottest man alive.