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you will wake up tomorrow morning in a puddle of soup and when you try to get out of bed it will hold you down and force you to eat a bowl then it turns around and drowns you

Where did this even come from I didn’t see it earlier XD

and how can soup have arms I just don’t even.

Also, Nicole- Laura, Michael, and I all concur that we don’t really like soup. He says I’m ruining people.



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Do you need help studying the bones? I can help if you want. I’ve got a bunch of resources from my mom’s college class we can use. As for the Ghirahim stuff, I cannot offer help there. Sorry. I haven’t even started on my own cosplays ;-;

AH YES! Studying would be great. Basically that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon all afternoon…

I can remember just a few of them, but I need to just sit down and look at all of it. So far I was planning on doing the written test…

edit: yeah basically I was about to get the fabric and then my mom was like “I can’t do this like this, you’re going to need to come up with a pattern or I can’t do it.” and even so she didn’t trust I could try making my own pattern. Just concerned, because I’ve basically finished everything else, but I need the cloak or it’s going to look weird with me being a lady…yeah.


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Is there a latest date I should preregister by? Like do they sell out or get priced higher or something after a while?

Online preregistration is currently at $40, and will be until September 9th when preregistration ends. I don’t think they sell out, but I’m not really sure.

I’m just probably going to get mine tomorrow so I don’t forget. Here’s their registration page:


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Ugh, tomorrow’s gonna be hell. I have a quiz/test/essay in every single class except for chorus. Thankfully he moved that to tuesday. but I even have one in vet science. fml tomorrow’s gonna be hell.

I know, right? It’s like revenge of the teachers because of a furlough day. It always happens. I want it to be the weekend so bad, but I’m kinda scared about tomorrow just because…everything.

Aw wow yeah I have something in every class except for chorus and art NOT COOL.

I guess it’s good that we have lit. early to get the essay done and over with, but still, it sends a shock of stress through me when I’m frantically writing and there’s 3 minutes left on the clock.


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Wait that Anatomy quiz is tomorrow? Shhhhiii

it’s the one from that paper he gave us a few days ago, I think it’s hydrocarbons? not a big quiz, but still a quiz

I’m more worried about lit than anything, mainly cause you can’t exactly study for it and time seems to speed up while trying to write the essay…


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Is my alter ego coming out at night? ya ok.

She ate the Capp’n Crunch and I think I was mad…or…furious…outraged…sick with anger?

I wasn’t positively giggly, that’s for sure.

I actually don’t even remember there being Capp’n Crunch but ok


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Hey, why don’t you try playing Slender? That way the silent realm will be a peace of cake ;)

Why don’t I just pee myself now to save the hassle later? Haha, that’s never going to happen. Like you, I’ll probably shut the game off before collecting the first note, come on, I’m even more of a weenie with scary stuff than you…

Lanayru’s Silent Realm is a pain because you constantly have to check the map to make sure you’re not walking in sinking sand. And it’s harder to navigate, larger, more spread out, and the order I collect tears involves me having to get caught by sentries at some point and running for my life.

Then again I consider all the Silent Realms a pain other than Farore’s.


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I won’t have the server set up till late tonight anyway, so enjoy your time playing Skyward Sword tonight. Or you can do the pattern. Tomorrow we can play on the server (possibly), and Sunday you can do whichever you didn’t do tonight. -3-

I’ll probably alternate between Sims 2 tonight, since I’ll have to redownload the base game, my extensions, and try and re-find a lot of my custom stuff (I remember the names of most the stuff, but I should probably ask Laura for more recommendations).

I’ll also at some point end up playing Skyward Sword, because I really really like Ancient Cistern, though I’ll probably stop before Lanayru’s silent realm since it still scares the crap outta me.

But yeah, good idea. Let me know when the stuff is set up for Minecraft :D


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PFFT. That’s only cause I’m getting help. My grandmother used to make my mom’s clothes as a little kid, so I kinda have that whole first-cosplay-advantage thing.

You’ll develop your own skills with this stuff too! Even though I’ve been cosplaying the past years, I’ve needed my mom’s help on almost all of them. She altered the clothes for my Jessie costume, sewed the pink dress for my Zelda costume, and is sewing my cloak and belt for this one, I couldn’t have finished them without some sewing help! I just mostly make props, accessories, and alter things I can with fabric glue :/

But you will develop your own range of skills with cosplaying stuff, it just takes practice and dinner, mah boi.