1974 (June) Rickenbacker 4001 :: reglued loose binding, replaced broken “wavy” Grover tuners with Hipshot HB5’s, installed Schaller strap locks, dressed the worn saddle slots, new Bakelite nut, new string damper pad and a push-pull pot for the bridge pickup.

The 4001 has a 0.0047 µƒ capacitor (not your standard 0.047 µƒ value found connected to the tone pot) in the bridge circuit that cuts bass frequencies and the overall output.  The push-pull pot gives the option of removing the cap from the circuit for increased volume and fuller tone.  I highly recommend this mod as it gives you a lot of tonal options.

Note:  Those looking to do this bridge cap bypass mod - Rickenbacker sells a shorter 330kΩ push-pull pot that they use on the 4003.  Other push-pull pots (Alpha, etc)  are often too tall to fit in the control cavity without modifications.  Always think twice before permanently altering your vintage instruments!

The Lomo Hipshot Showdown: Paint the Town Red

We have got to admit that redscale is one of our favorite films/film techniques in the world of analogue. Flaming hues of red in analogue textures — what else can we ask for?

Well, now that the Lomo Hipshot Showdown is back, we are asking for your redscale photos. But hey, not just ordinary redscales, a redscale photo of your current residing country/city is what we are searching for!

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: Getting Psychedelic in Analogue

Sometimes we expect them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we don’t like them, sometimes we just ignore. The psychedelic and the strange outcomes of our film rolls, they can just blow our minds!

We just can’t avoid creating something weird out of those film photographs! The colours have all gone wrong, the faces distorted… They’re just different but nonetheless beautiful!

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: This Makes Me Hungry

Food, glorious food! We love it, we hate it, we sometimes can’t help but think about it. And sometimes, we just can’t resist taking photos of it!

In this age of Instagram #selfies, and shoot-before-you-eat filtered food photos shot by your high-tech mobile phone, we Lomographers stand above these for we have our film cameras and that wise concept about food and photos!