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Sidewalk or Just Another Runway?

One afternoon, I was trotting down the sidewalk in my new raincoat and every person I passed, turned to watch me walk by.  Now, it was only a drizzle, but I needed that raincoat to keep my thick coat dry.  As I pretended not to notice the people admiring my shiny red raincoat, with the yellow duck on the back pocket, I had an epiphany.  This wasn’t just a sidewalk I was walking on, but an elevated runway to spotlight my amazing fashion sense.  I wasn’t stepping out of my house for a potty break and some fresh air, I was strutting my stuff like the headliner of Milan Fashion Week.  

Here’s a glimpse into some of my more memorable looks from the past couple seasons:

My little red raincoat.  Note the flap pocket with the duck and yellow umbrella.  The jacket is lightweight and perfect for those rainy days!

When it’s chilly, I always go with my navy blue American Apparel Hoodie.  It was a Christmas present from my Aunt.

Sometimes all you need is the perfect accessory.  I like to keep it simple with this black bone pendant.  I added my personal touch by having my name engraved.

While we’re talking about accessories, let’s not forget about headwear.  You can make an ordinary piece look fantastic with your own flare.  This was from my graduation – why wear the cap like all the other dogs, when I can tilt it to one side?  Channel Jay-Z, “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.” (Empire State of Mind)

Remember to always find colors that compliment you.  On Thanksgiving, I went with a simple orange and cream stripped sweater, with brown accents.  While horizontal stripes aren’t always slimming, the sweater really elongated my body and gave the illusion of a taller me!

Since we’re on the topic of holidays, let’s go back to Halloween.  While many of you will take this as an opportunity to dress risqué and think you can get away with it, don’t.  This is a fun holiday, so let out your true colors.  This throwback Batman cape highlighted my hour-glass shape, and I didn’t have to dress like a hooker to accentuate my wonderful curves.

Last holiday to feature in this entry – Christmas!  I went with a hunter green sweater with white snowflake accents.  Awkward Family Photo?  I don’t think so!

Sports Apparel is my FAV!  No need for face paint or spandex onesies – stick with a simple jersey or shirt.  And ladies, unless pink is your team’s color, there is no excuse for wearing pink versions of ANY jersey.

Four things to always remember when fielding compliments by any and everyone that passes: 

  1. Let them know who you’re wearing.  Give credit where credit is due.
  2. Be grateful for the compliments – you want them to keep coming :)
  3. Remain humble.  “Real recognize real and separate the fakes, legends remain humble, while rookies continue to hate.”
  4. And last, but not least, when killing the runway … always remember to SMIZE – thanks Tyra! 

Whew … some days it’s just so exhausting being the center of attention.  Time for some sleep, in my favorite outfit of all … au naturale!