So I've been kind of wanting to do one of those Follow Forever kind of posts...

…but I really didn’t want to leave anyone out and hurt their feelings. Now I’ve realized that at three am this list needs to be made because I have nothing better to do. I am also going to explain why they’re on my follow forever. 

People who I’ve met in real life

klo1012 - If you like my blog, you’ll love hers 110% more. 

maurajane- Male models, Drag Queens, Adult Swim. and more recently Disney.

xxeringravesxx- mostly Andy Biersack/Alexander Skarsgard posts. If not that then bandoms and cute posts (like disney). Most of the things she posts on here she wants me to see anyway. 

Hippiesandcheese- Very cool blog, posts a variety of things. Some Doctor Who, some generally funny things. 

stan-darsh- Now I’ve never met her, but I plan to one day. But South Park, cute animals, funny stuffs. One of the first people I’ve ever followed on tumblr. 

People who I’ve never met. 

iwannabeastarshipklainer- Typical fangirl posts, doesn’t ever make em less important. Fandoms include Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Starkid, ect. Plus other things. Also one of the top ones who are there to give you hope and makes you feel you’re worth something. 

wednesdaysnightmare - Again one of those fandom blogs, but also posts Steven King references as well. A very enjoyable blog. 

sludgie11 - Like mine in content. Lots of cats. Very very random posts. Always fun. 

the-sun-has-yet-to-set - good amount of bandom posts, but very inspirational blog. If you ever need a sign to not kill yourself, just follow her and she’ll be your reason. 

allorain - Fandom posts mostly, but other things stuck in there like cats. But if you ever want someone to talk to, she’s there for you. Big help especially when it comes to advice about sexuality/orientation. 

clairedykins - Very soft grunge. Usually fresher posts that I haven’t seen on my dash 100000 times. 

ilovemycatandmycatlovesme - Came for the MCR, stayed for the other fandoms. 

lungs- - Looking for weird and creepy things. You can find them here. Soft grungy things too. Breaks up the monotony of fandom posts. 

martinguyen- Hilarious posts, usually where most of my funnier things come from. Each one is comical in its own way.