hipnacio said:

I'm watching FDTD. Good call haha. I loved the movies. I think they're doing a pretty good job. Seth acts EXACTLY like george clooney did.

bahaha, awesome! i actually just got around to watching the first two episodes (i ended up picking up at the third after a friend had watched the first two, and then we just binge-watched the rest xD) and yeah. it gets INTENSE AS ALL HELL. also yessss gecko brothers. it’s a fun show.

hipnacio said:

Hey so I was bored and I found the guy you pranked with the avril lavigne song and did the exact same thing and he fell for it I have screenshots but I'm not quite sure what to do with them

Dude that was so cool thank you :)

Sick of rape culture

I can’t even walk to my night class comfortably.
Picture that. I’m a MAN, and I’m a big motherfucker.
Why? Because while walking through campus in the dark, I will inevitably come across a chick walking alone.
A little asian girl sees a big mexican and immediately puts up her guard. And that instantly makes me uncomfortable knowing that I’ve made someone uncomfortable.
It’s bullshit that this is how the world is. Her putting up her guard is completely understandable.
I’m sitting here complaining and I’m not even the one constantly fearing my safety. And now I’m here thinking how my sister feels when she’s out after dark.
This shit needs to quit.

If someone gives you a crusty book with a cracked spine and folded pages, make sure you read that shit. It means the message is worth more than the paper it was printed on. Someone read it and decided it was good enough not to leave on a dusty shelf or in a box in the garage.

It’s fucking amazing to me that there’s these random ladies in the world, that if you let them, they’ll take care of you and show you love as if you were their own.

I was at Giants Stadium. Last day of my SF trip. *Wearing full Dodger gear.* I was tired and I must have smelled like shit cuz I hadn’t had a proper shower in 3 days. One of the Giants staff ladies kind of blind sided me, greeting me as if I was there every game. She gave me a hug and showed me to my seat. I wasn’t even surprised I was just like oh ok cool. I asked her if she knew who was pitching for SF. She said “lemme go find out for you, baby.” She came back, told me, and gave me a program.

For those 5 minutes she came across my life, she treated me as if I was her child. These ladies are just out here all over the place. Normal as shit, but they have this deep ancient kindness that you can’t teach.

Anyways, I have a lot of respect for that kind of kindness because I’m kinda getting used to everyone just being fed the fuck up with everyone else’s shit immediately.

*trigger warning for white Californians*

You wouldn’t think twice about a Korean rooting for Korea in the World Cup or someone from Japan wearing a Japanese jersey. Same goes for Argentinos, Chilenos, Brasilenos. They don’t hear a thing about their jerseys.

Why then is it acceptable to question Chicanos on their loyalty to America because they root for Mexico or wear the tricolores?
It’s perfectly fine for immigrants to support the nation of their culture, but for Chicanos it’s treason. It’s only ok if the country is far away and out of sight.
Why? I think because there’s so many of us here in Southern California. It triggers shame and fear. When people start seeing the green/white/red everywhere it reminds them whose land this really is. That way you can’t help but look down at the desert dust on your shoes and be reminded whose bones it’s made of.

If my heritage makes you scared or subconsciously ashamed, good.

I think as you get older you realize the premium importance of maintaining positive energy environments.
Just like your skin and your knees, your energy doesn’t bounce back like it used to.
Being an adult means doing things that you don’t want to do and being in situations you’d rather not be in. So when you actually have the luxury of choice, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to spot situations that are no good for you and remove yourself.
Recognizing negativity and finding ways out is definitely a life skill.

As a person who values language and communication as a way of life, I’m pretty fucking jealous of others.
I’m caught in the middle.
I pronounce spanish perfectly, yet I speak it like a brute.
My Spanish lacks every semblance of beauty for which the language is renown. My Spanish is a good translation of English; My brain ended up hardwired that way in my teens.
And yet, my English will forever lack the acrobatics and cunning of a British writer. They’ve had hundreds of years head-start with the fucking thing. If you read or watch British comedy, that shit is a wonder, it’s all in the language. They use puns and logic to spin you around and kick you in the ass. The next thing you know, you’re on the ground laughing. I could never do that. From British shows and movies, it’s obvious they have an extra level of familiarity with their own tongue.
So, I find myself without a true home.