December 20, 2013

3 x 1 @ 95% (95# - 95# - 100#)
*rest as needed 

My Lifts:+ + -

Snatches were not on today. My 95% was supposed to be 100#. But it just wasn’t feeling right. I at least had to try one at 100#, so I did. And it didn’t go well.

4 Rounds:
3 + 3 Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat
        @ 85% of 1 Rep Max Snatch

        My Weight:90#

10 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions
        My Weight:25# 

* rest 60 seconds between movements*

Those overhead squats were so brutal. I didn’t know how the WOD was going to go after feeling that 90#. But yeah, finished all that shit like a boss. I really do prefer doing the overhead squats with clean grip, though. It’s like my thing. Not really a fan of the hip extensions. But what are you gunna do?

For Total Working Time:
5 Rounds 
10 Overhead Squats 95#
500’ Shuttle Run (50’ course) 
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
        scaled: 1: medium-thickness band
                     2-4: medium-thickness band + thin band
                     5: pull-ups

My Total Working Time:17:58
        Round 1: 3:26
        Round 2: 3:46
        Round 3: 3:47
        Round 4: 3:50
        Round 5:

Can’t believe I Rxed the overhead squats. Did them all clean grip. My favorite. People always give me that … wtf is she doing … look. Priceless. Don’t even care that my pull-ups were all over the place. So, started out with just a medium-thickness band. But by the end of the set it was really difficult to get my chest to the bar all the way, so I added the thin band for the next rounds. One of the guys told me to do pull-ups for the last round. It’s whatever. I don’t know. So that’s what I did. YOLO city with the pull-ups. Also, the run may have been a little short. Working with what the gym has, you know? No biggie, in my opinion.

#throwback to a #quad day a few weeks ago with my #sisterfromanothermister @sufarrellwbffpro

Did you know if you press your shoulders into the back support and scoot your glutes halfway to all the way forward in the seat of the #legextension machine you have a safer and broader #rangeofmotion and can better target that #quadsweep as well as lift the glutes for a minor #hipextension ..

Try it out.
The leg extension is a #hottopic exercise and not all of you may feel safe in doing it. For me post knee surgeries it was crucial in rehab and has become a staple in my #legdays … however I don’t try to Max out. I stay in a comfortable #rom and I perform a#hipextension at the end of every rep.
Remember what is good for one persons body may not be good for anothers. If the form or exercise isn’t comfortable at a light weight don’t push heavier. Everyone’s genetics and structure is different. Just like the machine may align well with you at one gym but not another. Never force an exercise especially one that is such a hot topic!
Be safe & enjoy.


Hang snatch for today’s workout. Should have left earlier but I was too stubborn…spent time trying to catch it in a good position. Still being new to this movement and knowing how much time it takes to get efficient at it; I’ll take it…but there is still lots of work to do. Hit an ugly 165lb hang snatch. @jt.burke of @teamubermensch and @ajarlain were there to coach me through it…thanks!! #hangsnatch #snatch #weightlifting #hipextension #DEAT @junkbrands #infinity @crossfitcalgary @crossfit #crossfitcalgary #barbell #wod

Knee Flexion + Hip Extension = One Great Exercise!

What do you get when you combine the knee flexion function of a lying leg curl with the hip extension of a standing good morning?

The Glute Ham Raise of course!

This exercise should not be taken lightly. It is for experienced athletes who have good posterior chain strength to begin with!

Why should you aim to use this exercise?

1) It is great for athletic function, since it combines both knee flexion and hip extension, safely, at the same time (something you can’t get from deadlifts, good mornings and squats).

2) You can train different areas of weakness through the lower back by adjusting the height of the foot plate

3) It breaks the boredom of traditional leg curls for those who need to add plates to the leg curl machine.

4) You can train the entire back side REALLY hard without putting your spine at risk, which squats and deadlifts can sometimes do.

5) By training the hamstrings, glutes and lower back in this manner, you will greatly decrease your risk of knee injury.

*If you are new to this exercise, start slow and warm up with lying leg curls.
*If you cannot perform a repetition yet, begin with just performing the eccentric version and then get someone to help you on the way up!

Lastly, because of the strength necessary to perform this exercise concentrically, your calves are called into play (the calves help with knee flexion since they cross the knee joint), therefore stimulating new growth from the neck down into the bottom of the feet!

Science + Determination = Results!

For more information on this excellent exercise, please read this article: