I’m gonna ask you to donate to #SaveAlice. This might be a (fantastic! well-written! superbly acted! engaging!) webseries you don’t watch, but you should donate anyway, and not just for the good vibes from those of us who already watch and love it. 

IN ADDITION TO official perks offered on the IndieGoGo, fans of the show are offering their own perks. Whether you watch the show or not, you’re gonna wanna pay attention to these (masterpost of providers, list of perks).


From the official campaign - your place on the fan map ($2, standalone) or the thank-you email, regular updates, and bookmark downloads ($5, standalone)


8Track fanmixes or crossover gifsets from Aradhna (starting from $5)

Gifsets from Joanna ($5 per gif) or Rae (starting from $5)

Canon-drabble fic ($5 up to 500 words) or a thank you card from Sam

Fan art ($5 cartoon) from Merilee

Fan fic up to 500 words ($1 buys you 100 words) from Victoria

Up to 5 tweets ($1 per tweet), a Q&A ($1 per question), or book recs ($5 for 3-5 recs) from Felicity

Book and TV recommendations ($5 for 3-5 recs) from Kate

Personalised postcard ($5 sent from NW USA) from Samantha

Essay/academic paper editing from me ($5 spelling/grammar) or Joanna ($5 base fee, +$1 per page)

Fic beta-ing ($5 for up to 500 words) from Kate

Dance-oriented/general fitness stretching ($5) advice from Merilee

Math or physics help ($5 for annotated homework solution) from Sophie

$5 could buy you a cup of coffee, or it could help fund an amazing webseries and get you any of these above perks.

Go here to find out how you can get one of these perks, and go here to watch the show that inspired it all.


So, you know how I said so confidently that the Peter-as-Leonardo bits in the Canadian version of Inside the Mind of Leonardo were exactly the same as the Peter-as-Leonardo bits in the Sky version of Inside the Mind of Leonardo

Yeah, not so much.

Some are the same, some are slightly different, and then some are completely different (as seen here).  And that’s not even getting into the third version from Australia which appears at first glance to be identical to the Canadian version until about minute nine when it becomes clear it is yet another different edit but I’ll deal with that later.   

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Dark & Wild Series (3rd feature) 1st Sneak Peek 

Because you guys asked for a hint… here you go~ let’s see how well you can play my mind games. ;) 

*Keep in mind: reading between the lines is a good way to go… 

Tell me your thoughts/violent reactions! XD