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2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

some old-school Coldplay songs (I’m thinking the whole of the Parachutes album) along with some 80’s tunes (Michael Jackson aye??) and of course some wizarding favorites (Weird Sisters, you know)

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

well, when she’s younger, outside near the broom shed, or slumped over on a broom, only to be found by her bemused father. then, after the chamber, she usually falls asleep outside on the roof, where she’s spent the night trying to fight off nightmares. the couch is a regular spot. then post war it’s Harry’s bed, but after the second time of Molly finding them that way with no huge reaction they make that move semi-permanent

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

oh goodness, I giggle at the idea of her and her brothers playing Uno and her just being so sneaky at it because the boys are all fighting and paying attention to each other and quietly Ginny reaches her last card and they don’t even realize she’s won until she slaps her last card down and yells in triumph. also, canon; she kicks ass at Quidditch.

the emoticon they’d use most often

the smirk face, mostly bc at first it annoyed Ron and then it just became her thing

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

grumpy, but she’s not really a morning person, so her not having enough sleep just makes it worse

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

at nights, a mug of hot chocolate with cinnamon is her pick. in the mornings it’s tea, tea, tea

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

thiiissss one, omg I just can see Ginny learning to self soothe all of her issues after the Chamber. like, she realizes when she’s withdrawing and she forces herself to stand up tall and push her shoulders back and just go with the flow of things, she knows she can’t let herself be pulled into darkness again. so she treats herself, she has chocolate and brushes her hair slowly. she paints her nails and goes on long flies on her broom. oh, she could spend hours on her broom just up in the air, feeling the wind in her hair and her lungs.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

when she was younger, and I mean young young, she would tell her family she wanted to be just like her mum, and she’d play in the kitchen and treat her older brothers like children so she could be just like her mum. and then she saw Quidditch and her whole world changed tbh

their favorite kind of weather

sunlit days, when she can pull on her cut off shorts and an old t-shirt, leave the shoes inside, and run around in the tall grass around her home.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

her voice is decent, but not something she’s extremely comfortable with, so when she hums to James as he cries one night, Harry asks her what song it is and she quietly sings it and he says he likes the sound of her voice and she threatens to hex him because “no it’s absolute rubbish look he’s waking up again you put him back to sleep

how/what they like to draw or doodle

when she was young she drew a lot of images of her on a broom, winning awards and championships, and then for awhile she drew herself next to a young boy with a lightening scar, and then it went back to Quidditch

so there’s this toilet cubicle in my school that has some things written all over the door and i was in it the other day just minding my own business and stuff ya know and then I noticed



but then I came back like a few days later and I looked and



I love how OTP stands for one true pairing but literally no one has just one.

a scene that really bothers me in HBP is when Ginny feeds Harry that pie thing and she is like “don’t you trust me?” and then just feeds it to him all nicely 

because I honestly believe that book!Ginny would have said “don’t you trust me?” and then she would proceed to shove the pie in his face and then say “your mistake!” and just like run away laughing her head off and Harry would just be sitting there with pie stuck to his face and a small grin thinking ‘wow this girl is perfect’

A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 

"I don’t think this is what Hermione had in mind when she suggested you help me revise."

Harry met Ginny’s eyes with a practiced angelic expression, “No?”

She shook her head, not falling for his act even for a moment. Almost unconsciously, he reached up to gently brush her bangs from her cheek and continued, “I’m surprised we even made it to the library, actually.”

"No thanks to you. You realize I’ll blame you if I fail my OWLs?"

"Of course. But you won’t fail." [x]

i find it amusing how people think harry and ginny would have had a completely settled, quiet life after the war like these two idiots are literally the biggest daredevils on the planet?? do you honestly think they even know how to have a quiet existence?? they probably came shuffling in to mrs. weasley every week all scraped and bruised with a black eye and matching stupid grins because they fought off a bear that was trying to steal their picnic or some shit