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I just spend a lot of time thinking about everyone's reactions once Harry and Ginny get engaged. He knows she'd be pissed if he asked anyone in her family permission, but he can't help talking to Ron about it because that's a friendship he will not risk. (After some nervous stammering and Ron pretending to disapprove, they both get all happy and help plan each others' proposals). And then Harry's really worried about telling her parents because he remembers how Mrs. Weasley felt about (part 1)

(part 2) Bill and Fleur and he doesn’t think he could bear her disapproval so he spends the whole meal before the announcement freaking out more and more (Ron doesn’t say anything because he knows what’ll happen but thinks watching Harry panic is funny). When they finally tell the whole family, Mrs. Weasley spends an hour laughing continuously and crying and all around unable to contain her joy and will only stop hugging Harry to insist that they make his hand to go on the family clock

(part 3) right now and Bill and Charlie can’t stop grinning and shaking his hand. Mr. Weasley is so overcome he can’t speak and just sits in the corner smiling to himself. George, who was too busy at the shop, amused himself for weeks by sending Howlers to Harry at work that shouted innuendos and plans for the wedding involving gnome waiters and a cake that tastes like boiled grass, but always end with congratulations. Harry joining the Weasley family gives me a lot of feels, okay?



(And I really love your headcanon on this, although I kinda feel like Ginny might’ve had the guts to ask him first? She just totally knew what was going on and got a bit, well, tired of waiting, so at some point she just goes “hey how about we get married?”)


The thing with postwar Hinny is that there is no way they would get back together immediately after the war. Ginny was the leader of Dumbldore’s Army, had to go into hiding with her family, was reunited with Percy only to lose Fred merely hours after. Harry was on the run for months with Hermione and Ron, gave himself to Voldemort and felt as though it was his fault all those people had died, that if he had just gone to the Forest sooner they would all be alive. Harry would think Ginny was angry with him for leaving her behind or that she would think it was his fault Fred was gone. Ginny would probably think that Harry was to nervous, to upset, to angry at the world to talk her. They would shut each other out before finally being able to become friends again first. It would take a long time to heal for both of them.

If you haven’t read the book it’s my personal opinion you keep your mouth shut. If you steer clear of the book because of what you’ve heard cool that’s your business. If you read the book and you’re not into it fine. However, if you choose not to read the book and talk shit about it that’s not okay. You are not entitled to have an opinion of that book because you haven’t read it. You don’t know that book, you don’t know the story. So if someone asks you just tell the truth whether it be you’ve chosen not to read it because of reviews and other people’s opinions or you’re just not interested. Don’t talk shit about something you know nothing about. #PercyJackson #HeroesofOlympus #HoO #TheMortalInstruments #TMI #HungerGames #HarryPotter #Divergent #Percabeth #Solangelo #Clace #Malec #Everlark #Fannie #Hinny #Fourtris #SorryForTheRant #JkImSerious #IWillShoveAMoltenIronRodDownYourThroat

Status: In-progress (just epilogue left and regularly updated)

Rating: T

Word Count: 60,443

Universe: AU

Summary: When you’re a famous boy it gets easy to get girls. It’s so easy you get a bit spoiled. But when you try to pull a girl who is also famous too, it feels just like when you wasn’t famous.

(If i loved this fic less, i might be able to talk about it more)

so there’s this toilet cubicle in my school that has some things written all over the door and i was in it the other day just minding my own business and stuff ya know and then I noticed


but then I came back like a few days later and I looked and


I have this headcanon that during Ginny’s first game with the Harpies, the other team’s asshole keeper made a snide remark about her ass or how she only got on the team because she’s dating Harry and she threw the Quaffle at him so hard that he fell through the hoop and that’s how she scored her first professional goal
Harry, Ron, and George were crying they were laughing so hard in the stands

I love how OTP stands for one true pairing but literally no one has just one.

whatever you do don’t imagine one half of your otp reading while the other one dozes on their shoulder all tangled up in the bedsheets don’t do it please

A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 

i find it amusing how people think harry and ginny would have had a completely settled, quiet life after the war like these two idiots are literally the biggest daredevils on the planet?? do you honestly think they even know how to have a quiet existence?? they probably came shuffling in to mrs. weasley every week all scraped and bruised with a black eye and matching stupid grins because they fought off a bear that was trying to steal their picnic or some shit