What Tumblr has become

Being a young designer I try to see the beauty in everything and take from all aspects of life in order to create something beautiful. 
  Today I was scrolling through tumblr and I wasn’t shocked but sadden to see what this innovative social network has become…Teenagers releasing their insecurities through ‘GIFS’ and recurring photos of self harming, money, drugs and anorexia. 
   The generation of today has I feel such an open amount of access to everything,whether that be music videos, Movies, video clips, posters that our ‘Innocence’ and youth quickly disappears and we’re just left with young adults lost in the world they know they’re not ready for…and each year a ‘teenager’ begins younger and younger, when you can walk into a middle school and see 10 years olds with ‘Iphones’ does childhood still really exist?
   To all the young girls going through tumblr self conscious about your bodies or your appearance to other, yes you are beautiful because unlike any make-up you can buy in a store or how many dinners you miss to become ‘perfect’ in your eyes, The most beautiful thing about you is that only one of you was created in this world and thats limited edition enough, trying to fit in and become something everyone wants gets boring and generic…I’m not saying try to be indie and alternative and go against the grain but appreciate your flaws as something thats beautiful and unique to you

thats the end of my public service,if you’re reading this please remember you’re beautiful and unique<3


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HindsCulture is BACK! on youtube and for all those that follow @HindscultureLTD on instagram! but those that haven’t I’ve been releasing 15 seconds snapshots of how the collection looks when its being worn ! please continue to support HC! and if you want to buy a piece of the collection please go here:


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I’ve released the first installment of a 7 week installation of 15 second videos highlightng features of the ‘BLAC’ Collection check it out and let me know what you think! thank you for your support as usual


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     This is a brand that is increasingly developing month on month as I grow as a designer and as HindsCulture grows awareness as a brand, My priorities change and the way I want this movement to represented does also. This cleaner, sleeker design and this where I plan to take my clothes, a better attention to detail and a crisper design

so from here on out, We’re in HindsCulture 2.0 the world is ours



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Watch on hindsculture.tumblr.com

6 Days until the Camo Winter collection is released, I thank each and everyone of my customers that get excited when I release a new collection or product and it really shows each time I release product, the family that HindsCulture is growing to be responds and cares 

so on the 22nd of December 2013 the Camo Winter Collection will be released