I am a 22 year old photographer from England. I spend my days wandering around the beautiful English countryside, searching for moments I would like to keep.
I am most attracted to tiny details and light, I make photographs based on the way I feel at that moment due to my surroundings. Often I am inspired by smells or sounds - running water, cut grass, the wind rustling through the trees.


23 year old photographer, self taught on the streets, specializing in city landscapes and urban environments. Always looking for new ways to challenge myself - a recent edition to my method is technicolor and the inspiration to process images in cyan, magenta and yellow tones. The end result is to have fun doing it and appreciate the creativity.


So I was watching a documentary when.....


I noticed this peculiar clip in the title sequence. Notice how only certain parts of the picture flicker, especially the table cloth and the dress on the lady on the foreground. Recalling a certain bit of film history, I ran the frames through certain filters and got….


KINEMACOLOR! An Edwardian era color film was hiding in plain sight in the title sequence of an A&E documentary series! I have no idea where this clip came from, but it definitely dates from between 1908 and 1914.

Anyway, back to my research on the Winchester house…..