Hey there. This pallet, god. Took a long time trying to beat the colors into making some sense, and I learned a lot but my brain is fried. Please just imagine they’re by the sea having a little moment, and take me back to season one. ;v;

Bonus: Failed first attempt. I always want to do simple and clean with lines and flat colors but nope. By the time I realize, it’s already partway rendered and awkward-looking… and I usually end up having to go further…


aseantoo submitted to medievalpoc:

Unknown Japanese artist

The Illustrated Scroll of Obusuma Saburo

Japan (c. 1200s)

Tokyo National Museum

[x], [x]

Kotaku has an article on this, called Is This The Oldest Image of a White Dude in Japan?:

Blond hair. A big nose. These aren’t just the white people stereotypes Japanese people have today. They also could describe one unusual individual in a 13th century Japanese scroll. 

On 2ch, there is a range of theories about this mysterious man (these are internet theories, so your mileage may vary). Perhaps, wrote one 2ch commenter, these bandits came from Europe to Japan via the Silk Road. Or maybe this was a Russian. Others thought this was a legend—maybe a yokai (monster). One net user joked, “What is this, The Last Samurai?”343536

Some thought that this wasn’t a white person, but rather, a Japanese person in a fur hat. The result is simply people thinking the bandit was European because of the cap, confusing the headwear’s fur with blond human hair. Makes sense to me. But that doesn’t necessary explain the nose—but maybe it doesn’t have to. Maybe this is just a Japanese person with a big nose.

There’s a link to this blog in the comments, of course.