happy birthday
  • Bolt:Mom, have you seen dad?
  • Hinata:He's probably visiting someone.
  • Bolt:But shouldn't he be at his office like always?
  • Hinata:The person he's visiting is his hero.
  • Bolt:Do you know where he might be then?
  • Hinata:You're going to have to ask Team 7.
  • .
  • Bolt:Aunt Sakura, who's this hero my dad is visiting?
  • Sakura:Well Bolt, a long time ago, that man faced Kurama.
  • Bolt:No way! He must be super strong-ttebasa!
  • Sakura:If you want to hear more stories about him, visit ol' Kakashi.
  • Bolt:Okay!
  • .
  • Bolt:Grandpa Kakashi, i heard dad's hero face Kurama--is that true?
  • Kakashi:Of course, i would know alot about him, he's my sensei after all.
  • Bolt:Wowww! What kind of things did he do?
  • Kakashi:He was called the Yellow Flash, one blink and you can be sent to death in one moment, but when he's not fighting he was a wonderful father.
  • Bolt:GAAHHH!
  • Kakashi:Hm?
  • Bolt:I forgot to ask where can i find my dad and this cool hero?
  • Kakashi:Ask Uncle Sasuke, he knows were your father is at.
  • .
  • Bolt:Uncle Sasuke! Do you know where i can find my dad?
  • Sasuke:He should be at the cemetery.
  • Bolt:Cemetery? But wasn't dad visiting this cool hero?
  • Sasuke:That hero you speak of, is your grandfather, the Fourth Hokage.
  • Bolt:... my grandpa?
  • Sasuke:Your father visits him every year, do you want to know why?
  • Bolt:Yeah, why?
  • Sasuke:It's his birthday today, you should come by and greet him, it would make him and your father happy.
  • .
  • Naruto:--Bolt's alot like me-- well you know a lot like mom, i'm sure you two would love to see him. Himawari is starting to walk-- being a parent is really hard-ttebayo, i'm not really use to it, but i'm trying. I'm going to be the most badass father there is-- and-- oh yeah a few months ago i was called to be the 7th Hokage. I'm so close to achieving those dreams everyone entrusted me with, it's a long way but i have Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura-chan there to help me.
  • Bolt:Dad.
  • Naruto:Oh hey Bolt! Here to visit your old man?
  • Bolt:Yeah!
  • Naruto:Hey, dad... looks like we got a visitor here, and he wants to say Happy Birthday too.
alright downloading it now

so for those who follow me and doesn’t already got the news, there is a camrip of the last (quick huh)

here’s the link for all the cool naruhina bro and babe out there: https://mega.co.nz/#F!cg9RWCTQ!iVykdtqJR-MdRI30HKOXHA

stay frosty you beautiful people you, I look forward to fangasm with you all after I watch this movie :D

Here’s an idiotic Narusaku fan who went on a Naruhina picture on deviantart and was denying any Naruhina development. The page was this http://soel-chan.deviantart.com/art/NaruHina-The-Bond-of-Esoteric-455455736  Mind you, I was minding my own business when she comes in out of nowhere and decides to argue with me. She was obviously looking for trouble. Why would a Narusaku fan go to a deviantart picture of Naruhina if they are strongly against the pairing itself?

She claims that Naruhina fans are disgusting yet she is the one harassing other Naruhina fans. Even with Naruhina being canon, she insists that the pairing had no development and Kishimoto only decided to appeal to the fans. I tried telling her that Kishimoto has stated already that Naruhina was his original idea. He planned Naruhina from the beginning but she chooses to ignore my facts as well as say that the The last Naruto movie is doing badly, despite the fact that the movie became so popular and critically acclaimed that it became worldwide. The movie grossed about 2 billion yen on it’s first day and movie tickets for the last Naruto movie are selling out quick here in America. This is a prime example of a Narusaku fan that’s so butthurt. This is what Sawyer7mage was talking about. People of this generation want to bitch and complain for the things that don’t go their way. If Narusaku still want to ship their pairing, that’s fine but don’t bash what other people ship, especially if their particular ship is canon.

This person also has a tumblr called strawberrywaifu as an anti-Hinata fan.