Damn hyuk was shocked too! Ken knows he can sing! You go boy! 


THREE six five 😎

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Really Amber this hurt yes we all know tmz are dick heads i dislike them myself but refrain from saying all americans that was uncool im really hurt right now wow …all americans i guess you mean your fans too uhh well now ex fan

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Hello there, sweetheart! It's me one more time :) So i was thinking about exo gif reaction when you (their gf/crush) swear in your native language when you're angry. You do not swear at them, just simply for yourself whenever you're mad. And they don't really know what you're talking about, they can only guess. Idk I'm just wondering if they would be amused or more angry or irritated. I guess it can be kinda funny.

Chanyeol: Personally I think he’d find it really hot, partly because your speaking a foreign language and partly because I feel like he’d have a thing for you when you were mad. (Cheeky Yeolie)

Kyungsoo: He’d want you to teach him whatever it was, the more languages he could abuse Baekhyun in the better. (Sassy Soo)

Sehun: He wouldn’t know what to do and he’d just listen to you speak(Confused Maknae)

Luhan: I think he’d find it really cute “What did you say Jagi?”

Suho: He’d wouldn’t be able to resist joining in your multi-cultural rant (Goofball leader)

Yifan: He’d be really amused to see you get so angry that you ended up cursing in another language. “Why is my baby so mad?”

Baekhyun: He would find it hilarious but wouldn’t like that he couldn’t understand it because who knows when you would decided to use it on him.

Minseok: “Ya what language is that?” He’d be 100% surprised.

Jongin: He’d be surprised to see you get so angry and for it to be in another language but he couldn’t help but laugh finding it kinda cute.

Yixing: “Jagi you shouldn’t curse” but he’d secretly think it was adorable.

Tao: I don’t think he’d be impressed, since he’s pretty childish he;d hate he couldn’t understand what you were saying.

Jongdae: I think the gif speaks for itself.


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Eunji looking at me :3 She’s so pretty omgggg 💕 #Apink #Eunji

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Everytime she sings her solo part, the scream is unbelievable. Her voice is unreal.  She is quite the IT girl last night. Cameraman loved her.  I saw them in plain clothes as they were leaving the venue, she simply stood out.  She is incredibly beautiful in person.  Her pictures do not do her justice.