HIMYM 7x01 Rewatch

I’ve seen this episode over two dozen times, but today is the first time that I watched it and questioned how Robin and Barney knew that dance. And I know what you’re thinking “Its a scripted show Kayla!” But shut up.

Think about it. Barney and Robin didn’t just do any dance, they had a choreographed dance to this specific song. If that doesn’t make your shipper heart sing, then I don’t know what will.

(Btw yes I will be writing this fanfic)

A “HIMYM” Fan Figured Out What Barney Stinson’s Salary Was And It’s Pretty Crazy

Barney’s clearly got quite a bit of dough coming in, and said in the episode “Unpause” that he earns 16 times what he spends on suits, so Redditor Sir-Zephdid the math based on how many suits Barney appears to own:

In Vesuvirus (S09E19), Barney shows Ted two rooms full of suits. From what is shown, there are 7 racks of 15 suits in one room. Assuming the second room also has 7 racks of 15 suits, Barney owns 210 (2(7*15)) suits.

In Game Night (S01E15), it was stated that Barney has been wearing suits since 1998, which translates to a period of 15 years up to the point of his wedding. Hence it can be concluded that Barney purchases 14 suits a year on average. 

In Cupcake (S01E16), Barney takes Marshall to his tailor to get him a suit which was $4000 (which Marshall finds out later on). From this we can calculate that Barney spends $56,000 (14*4000) on suits a year approximately.

Included in the calculations are when Barney donates four racks of suits (False Positive), sports a fancy green suit on St. Patricks’ Day (No Tomorrow), and sleeps in specially tailored Suitjamas (The Front Porch). Plus dozens of other suits he mentions throughout the series.

Here’s the final calculation:

210 + 60 + 1 + 2 + 2= 275 Suits
275 / 15 = 18.333 Suits/year
$4000 * 18.333 = $73,332/year
$73,332 * 16 = $1,173,312
Barney makes $1,173,312 a year.

So, with the calculation that Barney buys about 18 suits a year, that means he would make $1,173,312 (!) annually.

oh and it was basically confirmed earlier by the creator of the show