The King

The more I tell myself “going to be fine”
The sadder I get.
My rose bud to my garden
You’re the thing that makes me complete.
I need you and you need me
Please let me go back to those arms, the ones that held me tight while I soaked cotton with my tears.
Let me go back to you.
I miss you.

aaphrodisia replied to your post:as disappointed with anthony mackie as i am i cant…

people took a long ass time to see her as problematic and then forgot about it like two days after

yeah im really not trying to call anyone out but i dont forget the people who failed to “spread like wildfire” jenflaws incredibly transphobic intersex comments but are throwing themselves to the ground liek OOOOH NOOOOO HESSS PROBLEMATIC TIME TO HAAATE HIMMMMMmmmm wwhhehehehehehehheueueuruuue