The Hitler joke of  May 1938

I’ve attempted to recreate the event via photos and gifs

During Hitler’s visit to Italy, He, his entourage, Mussolini and Ciano and the king of Italy review a parade in the royal box.

(The king DESPISED Hitler and likewise Hitler for him, but they were both  forced by diplomacy to make public appearances together)

Then…..Hitler told something to Mussolini …and they both erupt into laughter!

(It was possible Hitler said something very insulting about the king (possibly about the king being such a short man)

Whatever Hitler said, he told it to Mussolini who smiled, then Goebbels told Himmler with Hess listening in, 

 I think von Ribbentrop told it to Ciano who’s also smiling

then Goebbels and Himmler are ROTFLAO and Hess is seen smiling… .

Hitler is gazing at the king, then he puts on a wicked smile…then the king turns around…Goebbels also laughs then also looks at the king…

The king shoots them both a dagger look and this seems to make Hitler and Goebbels laugh even more!

 You can see why The king and his wife were furious..because both the germans and italians were literally laughing behind their back!

At one point Mussolini is giving hand signals to someone in the distance, perhaps he was telling the joke via hand signals!

The very last photo shows all assembled including von Ribbentrop and his wife , Ciano, Goebbels, Himmler and Hess….all saluting. You can see the Kings royal crown banner on the box seats. 

Someone must have the entire clip that shows Hitler and the others laughing so hard and the others follow as they hear it. 

If the joke was told in german then Mussolini would have had to speak german to understand it. I’m not sure if Hitler could speak italian

I’d love to see this entire video… probably about 20 seconds…if that long

Perhaps someone will post the entire clip

Himmler’s letters and diaries discovered in Israel

Lost letters, photographs and diaries by Heinrich Himmler have been discovered in Israel, shedding new light on one of the men most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

The stash of documents from the Nazi era is currently held in a bank vault in Tel Aviv, but has been authenticated by the German federal archive, considered the world’s leading authority on material from the period. Read more


Himmler Uniforms by request

  1. Himmler in his first SS dark brown shirt uniform 1927 parteitag.
  2. Himmler with Hitler 1927 parteitag.                                         Himmler wears the first SS dark brown shirt,dark brown breeches, dark cloth puttees over bavarian ankle boots, black ski cap with silver skull badge - Hitler wears a similar uniform 
  3. His dark brown shirt showing the rank stripes on his armband
  4. His traditional brown shirt uniform with black tie and breeches 1929
  5. His first jacket-and-tie uniform. The all black uniform, seen here wearing early cap and cross-strap, walking with Goring
  6. Another view of the black uniform showing his blood order ribbon on right pocket, single shoulder board and SS armband
  7. Color photo of him wearing the black uniform, for this dress occasion he is wearing both his SS stahlhelm and SS dress sword and SS armband
  8. Here wearing the summer white jacket  prescribed to be worn only during the summer months. On his right sleeve, he wears the honour chevron for the old guard. This was awarded to any in SS, SA etc. who had joined the nazi party prior to Jan 30 1933. His Reichsfuhrer-SS rank is reflected in his single shoulder board and collar tabs. 
  9. Color photo shows his basic wartime uniform. Field grey jacket and darker grey breeches. He now has two, shoulder boards and on his sleeve, replacing his pre-war armband, he now wears the SS eagle. Divisional cuff title on his left sleeve. He no longer wears the pre-war cross-strap