After last year’s #Himalayanheroes #motorcycle tour I asked for a few changes to the itinerary and to my bike for this year’s tour. This was my trusty steed for two weeks which didn’t let me down once. Changes made were a louder high pipe, wider bars, adventure tyres, chrome guards and a smaller, lighter, better looking luggage carrying system. We now have the best bikes touring the #Himalayas bar none. Who’s coming to Nepal in 2015?

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How do u like the colour? all we need to put on is the saddle bags, @instagrambikers @motorsportstravel @irish_murph @kaapstadtours @blackmilk7 #instamoto @royalenfieldparaguay #royalenfield #ridedirty @berlinbikes @royalenfieldparaguay #motorcycleexpeditions #himalayanheros @garageprojectmotorcycles #motorcyclesofinstagram #motogallery @instagrambikers @dirtbikebobbersrule @burbankmoto


Few pics from our last Nepal ride, this is a complete boon for off- road riders, we ride high Himalayas. we ride the trekker’s trails, where people would hardly imagine to ride a Motorcycle. Ride starts from Kathamandu and by Bandipur to Pokhara, most of the tourist would visit Pokhara and will return back to Kathmandu or Chitwan however the real fun lies behind the lower rang of the Himalayas. 

2015, we are planning a tour to Nepal again in March, riders from all around the world are welcome to join us on this epic ride. Shoot us an email, if you are keen to ride the country of high Himalayas? shoot us an email, on

to reserve a place on NEPAL ride