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Hilum - Les Antliaclastes


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Hilum part I/3

Pulmonary hypertension

The radiograph demonstrates a convex portion of the left cardiac border just below the aortic knob and a very prominent lower right pulmonary artery segment at the hilum. The pulmonary vessels particularly of the left thorax show an abrupt tapering with much smaller distal vessels particularly visible in the left upper lobe. These findings are observed in cases of pulmonary hypertension (in this case an example of primary hypertension). Very large proximal pulmonary artery and main pulmonary artery segments may also be found in cases of shunt lesions (typically atrial septal defects) but they are commonly accompanied by prominence of the pulmonary veins as well and no evidence of pruning of the pulmonary artery tree until pulmonary hypertension has occurred. The relative elevation of the right hemidiaphragm in this case is unrelated and not significant.

CKD guidance updated to help improve diagnosis of the condition

CKD guidance updated to help improve diagnosis of the condition

Source: NICE

CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease.

Structures of the kidney: 1.Renal pyramid 2.Interlobar artery 3.Renal artery 4.Renal vein 5.Renal hilum 6.Renal pelvis 7.Ureter 8.Minor calyx 9.Renal capsule 10.Inferior renal capsule 11.Superior renal capsule 12.Interlobar vein 13.Nephron 14.Minor calyx 15.Major calyx 16.Renal papilla 17.Renal column (no distinction for red/blue (oxygenated or not)…

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Hilum part I (1+2)