I actually had a pretty sweet/weird dream last night.

So it was like Game of thrones.

  • Except the Starks were hillbillies.
  • And Arya was awaiting transurgery.
  • And they were throwing a party for her
  • And also Emma Stone was a Stark for some reason
  • And I was there, and hillbilly!Cersei was also there for some reason, and she wanted me to try cocaine.
  • And I was like…who casually tries cocaine.
  • And then there was a fight outside and Jason Stackhouse was there.
  • And I distinctly recall that song that I forget the title of but one of the lines was “grab somebody sexy tell them hey”
  • And then a bunch of us got into the back of a pickup and sped off into the night.

fukin hilbilly weathah