I actually had a pretty sweet/weird dream last night.

So it was like Game of thrones.

  • Except the Starks were hillbillies.
  • And Arya was awaiting transurgery.
  • And they were throwing a party for her
  • And also Emma Stone was a Stark for some reason
  • And I was there, and hillbilly!Cersei was also there for some reason, and she wanted me to try cocaine.
  • And I was like…who casually tries cocaine.
  • And then there was a fight outside and Jason Stackhouse was there.
  • And I distinctly recall that song that I forget the title of but one of the lines was “grab somebody sexy tell them hey”
  • And then a bunch of us got into the back of a pickup and sped off into the night.

it’s forever going to bother me that on Glee when they had the Sadie Hawkins dance everyone was dressed like they were walking out onto a runway with perfect hair and nails and high heels and tuxes everything.
while the people at my Sadie Hawkins dance literally dressed like this


So I was gone for most of the evening because I was at a haunted house. 

It’s called Scream Town, just outside of Chaska, MN… And it’s actually pretty awesome. The actors are really intense and the buildings are really good (Because it’s there all year round), and there’s lots of different attractions, like buildings, mazes, a haunted forest… 

Overall, it was great, but right now, I feel like I’ve just survived my own slasher film. And I have the (sort of) injuries to prove it. 

So there’s this “Hilbilly Hotel” building that we went in to, and at one point, we were chased by a guy with a chainsaw (which was half the actors in the building) and we ran into the hallway where the actors go to move between rooms, and I tripped on something and fell, doing a real number on my knee. And it hurt! 

(Also, the actor at the door was sniffing people to kinda scare them, and right before we went in, I got sniffed, and I felt the person’s teeth on my head! Eek!) 

And in the haunted maze, I stepped in a hole and twisted my left ankle. I ended up limping through most of the attractions afterward (And sort of freaked out because I was at the back of the group). 

But it was great, and now I’m going to bed.