I actually had a pretty sweet/weird dream last night.

So it was like Game of thrones.

  • Except the Starks were hillbillies.
  • And Arya was awaiting transurgery.
  • And they were throwing a party for her
  • And also Emma Stone was a Stark for some reason
  • And I was there, and hillbilly!Cersei was also there for some reason, and she wanted me to try cocaine.
  • And I was like…who casually tries cocaine.
  • And then there was a fight outside and Jason Stackhouse was there.
  • And I distinctly recall that song that I forget the title of but one of the lines was “grab somebody sexy tell them hey”
  • And then a bunch of us got into the back of a pickup and sped off into the night.
I spread out my own world on this dark night
As I comfort my strengthless and tired self
People like me are all over this city
This is nothing, just a way to go
You’re crying over a failure, you’ve still yet to grow
I’ll run step by step to find a different me
Leave everything behind and go right now, whoever you are, wherever you are
The Seoul Hilbilly is going to find a different me
—  Royal Pirates - Seoul Hillbilly (서울촌놈)


Royal Pirates has unveiled a behind the scenes video of their photo shoot for the cover of their upcoming mini-album “Love Toxic”.

Earlier this week, Royal Pirates released a music video for their digital single, “Seoul Hilbilly,” along with news of a new mini- album coming soon. Now they have treated fans to some eye candy.

The boys can be seen posing for the cameras with a high level of professionalism and joking around with each other and the staff. Their bright smiles and handsome smirks add to their good looks. They also share some of their thoughts on the upcoming album.

“Love Toxic” is set to be released on August 27th.

Be sure to check out the video below! Are you excited for their new album?

Source: Koreaboo

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"Creature" Liveblog part 5
  • Why does this movie love incest sex? WHY?
  • Hillbilly shows up and punches incest sis out of nowhere.
  • Hm. Apparently, that hilbilly store clerk is the dad of incest chick and ‘theif’ guy. So this was all a setup. That’s not the shittiest twist ever. Points.

aaaaaaannnnnd the controller of my PS3 fell on the power strip and now it has to reboot. Fuck. To be continued later!