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To pile one more request up(?): How about something with Fawn!Hiccup and Hunter!Jack?... If you want and have time... Heh.

I have so many piled up, I feel terrible. I’m sorry for taking so long guys!

Jack trekked through the forest, pushing away branches and other things that got in his way. He had set up a trap the night before in hopes to catch something to bring home. He was muttering to himself, hating how his father thought only hunting could make him a ‘man’. He didn’t get the big deal about it, aside that it got them food.

He followed the path he had marked to the trap. Pushing his way through an extremely thick patch of leaves, he stumbled into the open area of the trap. “Holy shi-“

In the middle was a boy-deer-fawn thing. Jack didn’t know! Its torso was of a young boy, body covered in freckles. The lower half was of a small fawn, spotted and strong. The boy had small stumps on his head, not even full antlers. He was laying down, his left back leg was caught in the trap. Jack took a step closer and the fawn seemed to notice, ears perking. “P-Please get away!”

Now that Jack could see his face clearly, he noticed the wide green eyes and thin lips. “What are you?”

“Go away!” The boy tugged at the trap, only making his wounded leg worse. “Go away!” He was frightened, face pale and sickly. He was breathing hard, hands shaking as he continued to claw at the trap.

Jack felt his stomach churn and he hurried over, pulling apart the trap to release him. The boy shot up, trying to run away, only to fall to the ground. He whimpered and looked to his leg, trying to kick it feebly. Jack pulled the pack off his back and rummaged through it. He always kept first aid equipment with him. He pulled out disinfectant spray and bandages. “Just stay still, I’ll take care of you,” he whispered.

The boy didn’t have much of a choice and laid still as Jack cleaned and bandaged his leg. He glanced to Jack, noticing his brown eyes and dark hair. “Thank you,” he said quietly.

“No problem, sorry for… hurting you.” He packed his stuff back up. “Will you be alright?”

The fawn nodded. “What’s your name?”

Jack smiled. “Jack. And yours?”

“Hiccup.” Hiccup smiled a little as well. “You’re different.”

Jack laughed. “Well, you’re not entirely normal yourself.”

Hiccup stood carefully, testing out his leg. Jack stood as well and stiffened as Hiccup came in close, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Jack.” Hiccup flushed, turning away and scampering back into the woods.

Jack stood still, touching his cheek and trying to figure out if he was dreaming or not.

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*spits awkwardly* Hiccup and Jack #10

*hands you a napkin* This became longer than I expected it to be.

This was so stupid. Really stupid. Probably the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life. Yet here he was, crammed in a small, musty closet with his secret boyfriend looming over him. Yes, that’s right. Hiccup Haddock, valedictorian of his senior class with the cleanest record anyone could ever lay eyes on, was getting a little claustrophobic with Jackson “Frost” Overland, the most popular kid in not only this school, but in the district and probably the city. Hiccup wasn’t even sure how they even ended up in this situation, it all just happened so fast. One moment Jack was walking him to class, the next he was trying to kiss him, and then the next they was in this dumb closet.

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Hijack naval au part 3

y’all keep asking for more and I’m kind of in love with this dynamic so here! :P To all who asked for more!


                Jack was more than thankful to be pulled below the deck by Fishlegs and into the galley. There was a large man taking up much of the space with only one leg and one arm. The other two missing limbs were now metal replacements. A knife took the space of where one of his hands should be and his missing leg was nothing more than a peg.

“Gobber, they got you some help this time,” Fishlegs stepped aside so he could see me.

“Ah, good to meet you lad!” The even larger man responded happily, offering the knife first as a joke before shaking my hand with the one he had left. “I hope you learn quickly.”

“Oh I do,” Jack tried to smile but his mind was still elsewhere. Hic, Hiccup that is, looked so smug when he walked up. He must have known before he slept with Jack.

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