Thanks for 1k notes on this crazy stupid fic!!! The doujinshi is still in the works, but is still being redrafted :))) <3 <3 <3 

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Hiccup absentmindedly stirred his coffee as he stared off into space in the bustling little coffee shop he was in. Well, he could tell that it was bustling by the way it was jam packed inside with two long lines. He could see people talking to each other, on their phones, at the baristas. He could only imagine that they were talking about the freezing whether outside, and how it randomly started to snow even though the weather forecast showed that it wouldn’t snow until tomorrow. He wasn’t really sure what anyone was talking about, or how loudly they were talking because, well…he couldn’t hear.

Hiccup sighed heavily as he looked down at his coffee, probably lukewarm by now with all his stirring and waiting. He had been born deaf, and you would think that wouldn’t really matter given today’s understanding and acceptance towards deaf people, but when you had a proud police officer for a father, who was too stubborn to learn ASL, and would rather spend money on trying to fix his hearing, well everything mattered. But Hiccup was as equally stubborn, he refused to let anyone with a PhD get near him or his ears, and would rather go about his days reading people’s lips and live his life in silence than change who he was. Stubbornness must run through the family…

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