There’s a video on Upworthiest that’s pissing me off… It’s a French film that reverses the role of men and women. One of the first symbols of sexist society is the hijab-like garment men ‘are forced’ to wear over their heads.


This shot is taken after the line, “Don’t you feel more and more trapped?” Wearing a hijab and a balaclava are all extremely oppressive! Wow! Amazing feminism here, guys, really, I’m applauding so hard.

Feminism that includes islamophobia and racism is not feminism. Feminism that excludes women of color is not feminism.

Your feminism is unnecessary. Your feminism is shit.

Black & Tiger-ish

One Saturday afternoon, my cousin and I discovered this cozy bistro. We had an awesome time and of course we had a mini funshoot. I promise to blog about it soon! Inshaallah. But for now here’s what I wore:

It’s obvious that I look out of place! Haha. I look fierce and my aura is strong because of my tiger-ish hijab and cardigan. But whatever, i’m loving my outfit!

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