“Okay to be fair I had no idea it was going to explode.
     Sure the surrounding area may be covered in fire
     and a few people had their faces melted off but the
important thing here is that I survived. I mean, we survived.
                        That’s what I meant to say.”

anonymous asked:

hii carmen, i've been doubting cc a bit the past few weeks, not on darren's part bc miarren is the biggest bullshit ever, but on chris' part and it's making me really upset =(( can you help me, please?

Oh honey I’m sorry. You know I really don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Chris being in Paris, Chris being in NYC, plus everything else - it can’t all be just one big coincidence. And considering Will travels everywhere with Chris, it’s just blatantly obvious he works for Chris. How else could he afford to travel everywhere? You know. And then there’s the fact he was seen on the glee set several times. Running errands. He was on the HIC set as well - it all screams assistant. So *hugs* and remember when it comes to Chris and Darren nothing is a coincidence.

Hii guys so i decided to make a wishlist form ROMWE

  1. Spaghetti Strap Loose Chiffon Vest
  2. GEEK Print Green T-Shirt 
  3. High Waist Loose Denim Blue Shorts
  4. Pockets Ripped Denim Pant
  5. Ripped Pockets Black Denim Pant
  6. Simpson Print Denim Shorts
  7. Black Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt

if you could like/reblog this for me that would be great xx

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Hii, do you think pastel pink hair would look okay with paleish skin (Caucasian) without washing me out even more? Any other pastel, girly hair dye colors you would suggest for me?

Yes ♥♥♥

anonymous asked:

hii so lately i've been wearing those lace bralettes from UO and my friend who changes next to me in gym class saw me wearing one & said 'ew, stop wearing that bra' in front of everyone and i felt so embarrassed but I don't see what's wrong with the bralette because it covers everything (not tht there's much to cover) and its comfy, I feel like if I wear it again she'll make fun of me again, should I stop wearing them?

NO. KEEP WEARING THEM. If they make you feel good and you like them, keep wearing them! Never ever let someone tell you what you should and shouldn’t be wearing. It’s your body, your style, you make the choices.

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hi Ros, i'm from Indonesia (jakarta) and i'm very interested to buy your coloring book but i've never buy stuff from etsy before and i don't have CC/paypal :( is there any other way to order/buy it? thaaanks!

Hii! And if everyone from indonesia is reading this, please mail me at jerukcamui@gmail.com if you want to purchase the coloring book (soalnya harganya beda dan gak ada ongkir juga :) ) okiees?! Loads of love x

Hii guys i make a wishlist form SHEINSIDE please check it ou

  1. Blue Denim Blouse
  2. Green Blue Plaid Blouse
  3. Green Sweater
  4. Black Print Crop T-Shirt
  5. Black Asymmetrical Shorts
  6. Blue Ripped Short
  7. Blue Denim Pant
  8. Blue High Waist Jeans

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hii~ what are the current tumblr gif sizes? like the width and all.. sorry if im bothering and thank you ^3^

you can go here :) but for the 177px one.. it’s supposed to be 177px 178px 177px :)

sigh-onara asked:

hey there :) do you know any of Acacia's fav lip product? maybe she mentioned them somewhere? much love xxxx

Hii! She likes to Use L'Oreal lipsticks and I know she has the JLO exclusive lipstick :)

Xx Kitty *,*