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Hii! Can I have a Harry gif for good Luck? I have an important exam tomorrow and I'm scared! :(

Gif for good luck? Haha, okay :)


You’ll do great! x

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Thanks to you I have started considering becoming a vegetarian and eventually going vegan! It's a little hard for me right now since I normally don't cook my own meals and my family eats meat but I have started to eliminate almost completely red meat, steak, and ham from my diet and mainly eat chicken eventually I'll stop eating that too. I'm taking it step by step but eventually will reach my goal. Your blog is great and keeps people informed about what actually is going on. You're awesome😊

Hii!! So good to read this you’re pretty awesome too! You’re doing super just keep going as you said eventually you’ll reach your goal 😜


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Hii I have a question. So I'm afraid to do anything sexual and my boyfriend and I were making out tonight and he wanted to finger me, but I wouldn't let him and I never do because I'm too insecure about my body and my.. Ya know.. I want to feel comfortable and I want to be able to please him too, but I don't know what to do. I'm too insecure about everything. My body and skills. Please help me!

it’s okay to be scared of doing sexual things, but from the way you talk to me about this, your boyfriend seems to be understanding. so tell him how you feel. maybe it’ll shed some light on the situation for him. maybe he could help you boost your confidence some?

confidence is the key to everything in life. change up your wardrobe or makeup or even your hair some. as for down there, the only advice i can truly give is for you to eat a ton of fruit before ever doing anything sexual (when you’re ready to do anything sexual, of course) and trim if there’s a bush. almost all guys hate bushes but they don’t mind trimming. just try to convince yourself that you are sexy and beautiful because you are. anyone can be sexy and beautiful. but just take it slow and don’t let anyone pressure you into anything if you’re not ready. 💜

Hii can I request something?? A scenarios where your doing home work on the floor but gohn wants your attention so he tries to cuddle and kiss you but eventually give in cause he’s just to cute!! Thank you 💙💙💙💛

You have been doing your science homework for already an hour while your boyfriend was wondering around the apartment, it was obvious that he was bored. He just got back home from work and expected to see you waiting to be in his arms, but you were occupied,finish your things. 

"Sweetie~" He chants, wrapping his arms around you.

You smile but act like you didn’t feel him around you, you continued scribbling on your papers and tapping on your calculator. He wasn’t going to give up until you hug him back and kiss him. A few minutes went by, he was still waiting for you to let go of that pencil, you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

”______~ I bought you chocolate on the way home, don’t you want any? Hm?” 

He held you tighter as he started to kiss your cheeks until his saliva was all over them. Your homework was due for tomorrow, you didn’t want to waste any second for your boyfriend even if you loved him. 

He lets go of you as he rolls next to your homework, putting his head on it. You pull them away from his chin, sticking to your work. He picked a pencil out of your pencil case and took a sticky note out, writing on it.

I love you~

He sticks it on your forehead as you giggle, taking it off, sticking it on your notebook. He wasn’t going to give up until you gave him all the attention he wanted. He pulled another note out.

You’re really pretty :)

Your notebook started to get invaded by your boyfriend’s little compliments, he even stuck some on the floor and your books. He started to roll on the floor again, he got next to you and hugged you, resting his head on your shoulder. 

You could feel him breathe next to your ear that was warming up because of him. He left you there and came back, wrapping yourselves with a blanket.

"What are you doing?" You laugh, trying to pull the blanket off.

"I’m cold." He pouts, hugging you again.

"Then go warm yourself alone, I have to do my homework." You tried to escape from the fuzzy sheet. 

You bend over again to write, when he threw himself on your back, you fell on your papers.

"Hey! Dongsung!" You complain, trying to get up.

He kisses your cheeks again, grabbing your cold hands in his that were really warm. His warm breathe hit your cold skin. 

"Why are you so cold?" He asks.

"Because I’m running out of blood since you’re on me and you’re really heavy!" You answer. 

He gets off you just to look at you work. From time to time, you would glance at him just to see what he was doing, he was just looking at your assignments. 

”_______, I want a hug.” He says, sitting up and opening his arms.

"After, okay?" You promise.

He gets up to go to your shared room and came out with a little pack of papers. He rips one of and hands it to you.

One free hug from _______ whenever you want

You laugh when you see those old coupons you made. You were 15 when you made those things, it was pretty childish. You looked at it, trying to find an expiration date. There weren’t none.

"Come on, come here now." He greets you with open arms, ready for his hug.

You roll your eyes and chuckle, hugging him just like your stupid ticket says. He wasn’t going to let go, no matter how hard you pushed him, he would take you back in to his arms again. 

"Alright, let me go now." 

He lets you get back to work as he gets up to your bedroom again and comes back with another pack of tickets. He rips one off and gives it to you.

One free kiss from ______!

You glared at him while he was smirking. You gave him a quick kiss before getting back to work. 

"Nooo! It has to be longer!" He whines, pulling gently on your arm. 

He starts to kiss your lips several times, you weren’t able to see your sheets.

"If you’re going to kiss me then at least do it well!" You complain, pushing him aside.

He grabs your head and turns it towards him, kissing you like you want it. You wrapped your arms around his waist as you move your head away to his shoulder, resting your mind for a while. He hugs you and laughs.

"You do realize that it’s already 1 AM right now, right?" 

You turn around and face the clock. It was actually 3 AM.

"This is because of you!" 

He embraces you in his arms, lying his head on yours. The clock ticked in the silence until you spoke up.

"I thought I gave you 10 tickets, why does it feel like you have a million? Isn’t this like the 30th time you used a hugging one?"

"Oh, that’s because I print more." He giggles.

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hii do you think you post the 1d in rome tv special link if you find one? the last couple of videos got deleted. xx

oh god you’re right :( well as soon as i find something i’ll post it x

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Hii. I just wanted to tell you that I think your art is absolutely beautiful and I aspire to be as amazing as you one day. Have a nice day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

SKLDMFSKLDMFSDLMFLKDSM Oooooo wow buddy!!! ; ; Thankyou so much! That means so much to me sdklfmdlskmf  I hope you have a good one! <3

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Hii! Sorry to bother you, but I just found your blog today and I saw your drawing of Baymax measuring Tadashi's and Hiro's height. I was wondering, how was Hiro floating?

No probs anon!  Look cloooooosely, Hiro is using microbots to hold himself up.  He’s nineteen now, he’s figured out how to make the headband thing less obvious ^ ^;

The 5SOS Christmas ships!

Hii I did really a lot ships today but I got tons of messages back, I’m so happy you guys like them! I will do further tomorrow I’m now on my IPod I hope you guys understand it that it takes a litle longer because I wanna do them good for you guys and they take a litle time so but I love to do this for you all because you all diserve this and ily all ❤️