sunlight-exclamation said:

"Hello DARLING!" The sun saint quickly moved in and pulled the Aries saint in for a sudden kiss on the lips, dipping him to the side as he did.


Shion froze at the sudden kiss, wide open purple staring at the redhead in surprise.


"Ah-" It took some good seconds for him to react properly to that greeting. A smile slowly curving on the corner of his mouth. "Angel. Hello to you.

anonymous said:

Hii can you do a cute blurb where mikey finds out your ticklish and he just thinks it's so cute and then all the boys start to tickle you oh mY GOD

THESE BOYS WOULD NEVER LET YOU LIVE IT DOWN OH MY GOD okay wow so imagine hanging out in the studio with the guys one day and they’d be taking a break or whatever and you’d be on the couch with michael, feet in his lap, as you casually scrolled through twitter or something on your phone and he’d be stroking your shin a bit, then down to the top of your feet, and your toes, and suddenly you’ll pull away super fast because tICKLISH HELLO and he’d look at you a bit stunned and you’d just smirk and rest your fest back and on his legs and tell him not to touch your feet because it tickles but it’s michael okay and he’d a little shit and he’s going to push the boundaries ya know so he’d graze over your foot again and you’d pull away again and sit up on your elbows and whine “michael don’t” and he’d laugh and grab your foot and start tickling and you’d be screaming and kicking and laugh and oMG the other three idiots would obviously be alerted of this and calum would be like in the silent laugh already watching you freak the fuck out and luke would be giggling away and he’d come over and start poking your side and ashton would be cackling away and he’d go for your neck and he’d be like “SHE’S TICKLIST EVERYWHERE HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE” until you were gasping for air from laughing and screaming so hard and you’d finally manage to like roll off the couch and make a run for it but let’s be real, that would just be the beginning

Neverland 911, what’s the emergency? You are being kidnapped by pirates? Can you be more specific? Which pirate is kidnapping you? Well, if he’s limping on a pegleg then it’s probably Long John Silver, but if he has a hook then it’s probably Captain.. - oh - he’s got a hook and a pegleg? Oh dear. Pleas-… My goddesses - God - were you listening to this?


anonymous said:

do you ship reiner x bertolt? and do you have any drawings if them? out of curiosity c:

I used to shipp BertlxAnniexReiner as ot3 sorta anyway I don’t have art for them ;v;

Anon:Have you ever drawn any DTMG (“Dude, That’s my Ghost”) art?

old doodle I made for someone uvu

Anon: hii there! I jus wanted to say your art is amaaaazing! btw, how do u draw on a tablet? do u just draw with ur finger or somefin?

just regular pen, drawing with a finger would be too weird for me haha; and thank you!

anonymous said:

Hii ~ i suuuuper love your blog! Can you do a reaction where an argument of jungkook/jimin/taehyung and his girlfriend gets heated up and he says "let's break up!" Then their girl shouts "after all we've been through.. Fine!" As she cried running away from him...

thank you :3

Jungkook: Once the words have left his mouth, he regrets it immediately. All of the feelings of anger would vanish. He’d be in shock for a little bit, but once he came back down to Earth, he’d run out that door to find you. Calling, texting, and searching for you, especially if it was a while after you left or if it’s night time. Once he found you he’d beg for you to forgive him and he’d say over and over that you guys shouldn’t break up.

Jimin: I feel like Jimin would still be angry after you left, but as time went by he’d start to worry because you didn’t come back. He’d try everything to contact you to make sure you’re okay and that he’s looking for you. Once Jimin finds you, he’d hug you so close to him and he’d whisper he’s so sorry while stroking your hair. 

Taehyung: For Tae, he’d be mad until he saw your eyes get glossy. Once that door closes his heart will hurt from how sad and hurt you looked, he’d feel terrible. He’d immediately run after you and try to get you to stop running away from him. Tae’d tell you he was wrong and shouldn’t have said something that wasn’t true out of anger. He loves you and doesn’t want to let you go. Especially over a fight. 

-Admin Dad


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Hii! Do you know if theres supposed to be a 1D Day this year? I have to know if I should clear my schedule lmao

A 1DDay was announced but I’m not sure when :) hopefully on a day I have nothing better to do (which is every day but still)

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hii ur so pretty are you bi or gay by any chance? /love/

i’d deff go lesbo for a few celebrities like beyonce or barbara palvin but na i’m 99% sure i’m straight

luv da boyS

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Hii I was wondering if you can help me out about something's. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 months and his mother hates me. She hates that I don't go to church, like different things and that she thinks I'm a "whore" when I've only slept with 2 guys in my life... And I was wondering if how I should keep my relationship going and keeping it strong and making it stronger while his lol tries to ruin it?I don't want to leave him and I really love him I've known him my whole life

don’t worry about it, my fiancee’s mum absolutely despises me, and we’ve been together over 2 and a half years now, sometimes you have to fight for the things you love, and if he means that much to you, then its worth it:)