We’re proud to introduce the latest blade from Behring Made, the HIGHWOODS HUNTER! Shown here with a beautiful desert ironwood handle and musk ox boss spacers, this first one is ready to ship!


What i liked about this photo, is that it looked pretty cool its ‘normal’ way round but as soon as i flipped it, it had this very mysterious look with all the cloudy looking patches and cool looking reflections, which make it quite eye boggling to me but as soon as you flip it back round it all makes sense. Was taken on my new 550d with my 18 - 55mm lens.

Former Wildrose Party leader loses Tory nomination months after crossing floor

The former leader of Alberta’s Official Opposition paid a high political price on Saturday after creating a national stir when she crossed the floor to join the governing Progressive Conservatives.

Danielle Smith lost the Tory nomination to Carrie Fischer, a town councillor in Okotoks, in the provincial riding of Highwood, south of Calgary.

Smith led eight of her colleagues of the Wildrose party across the floor to join the government last December in a stunning move that created considerable buzz among political watchers.

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