Slept in my bed for the first time this semester. Although sleeping outside is my all time favorite, sometimes when you’ve got sore muscles from wake boarding/kayaking all weekend, you need to retreat to an actual bed. Also, my bed is in a cave and I like the morning sun light through the window. #highsierralife #highsierrafall2013

Some of my all time favorite moments from this semester have been sitting in this room, drinking coffee from this mug, listening to classical music, discussing tough questions + literature, sharing memories that have changed our lives and much much laughter with people who hold a very special place in my heart. Tonight was a last for the semester spent discussing Kirkaguard and must-dos, reflecting, and listening to Ólafur Arnalds. My heart. I can’t. Nope I literally just can’t. #highsierralife #highsierrafall2013

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"Decide, decide, decide, decide, repave, repave, repave, repave." #highsierralife #highsierrafall2013

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Good morning Yosemite. #highsierralife #highsierrafall2013