He dropped to one knee under the Redfield Ln. sign in Montana (named after the late, great grandma Redfield) to ask for my hand in marriage! After nodding my head with the biggest smile I responded “Yes. Yes! Absolutely! Ask me again! YES!” After 5 years, I am officially the future Mrs. Redfield =) #highonhappiness #permasmile #engaged!

Man, I wish my trip to São Paulo would last forever! I’ve only been here one day, but it was enough to realize how much I love this place and how my hometown (Rio de Janeiro) sucks! I mean, I’d been here before, maybe a couple of times, because I have lots of relatives living here, but I was sorta too young to remember. Walking around, you see ALL SORTS of different people, and so many of them are so goddam stylish, but not in a fashionable way — what I mean is that so many people here are full of piercings and tattoos, have dreads or dyed/bleached/unevenly cut hair, and stretchers, wear band T-shirts (and the bands are good ones) and just overall look great! I’ve seen from skaters to Hindus in just a short walk down the biggest avenue here. Rio is also a big city, but people there look mostly the same, and boring. I’d already been inclined to study in the University of São Paulo before, because it’s good, but now I made up my mind: I won’t go anywhere else (unless I don’t pass :B)! I WANNA GO TO A PARTY HERE AND KISS EVERYONE! And I bet they have rock parties here *o* They sure as hell get all the good shows. PS: Before I forget the most important part — I travelled here to see the fucking CASUALTIES this Saturday! :DDD I convinced my father by agreeing to visit a bunch of relatives (but they’re really nice people, so it’s alright), but that was what made me beg for this trip was that show. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I finally get to go to a punk rock festival, and I’m starting with one that has The Casualties, man! 😍 #plane #airplane #tam #trip #travel #window #holidays #vacation #airport #FUCKINGELATED #HIGHONHAPPINESS