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Attn hair colonists/cosmetologists:

(Or anyone good with color)

My balayge highlights have faded and are getting super brassy at my ends, due to the fact that my hair had been dyed black many times. Anyway, I’ve had it processed like 4 times to get it to the lightness it’s at now. I’m sick of going to my hairstylist & I really need to touch it up Bc I can not stand the brass tones.

Is it possible to use a semi-permanent liquid color with 20 developer to lift and deposit (as a toner) on my ends? What if I used like, 8V and 8N together? The reason I ask is Bc I know Demi permanent color selections are sparse; I don’t think they have 8V.

Would that even make it any lighter and tone it? Or would I have to go 7V/N ? I’ll send you a picture of my hair right now if you need one : ) any advice/commentary is welcome!!

flashback to october 2007: blackhawks vs avalanche

[commentators talking about Toews] “Oh my goodness! Man, oh man, wow! I don’t care if you’re an Avalanche fan, that was one of the greatest scores you’ll ever see all season long. This is just- look at it; we talked about it before the game, but this is the kind of talent that can bring a franchise back from dead. I mean, you look at that: this kid is 19.” [x]


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