Saw this picture on my tl attached to converse about how much makeup the model is wearing and how different she looks from herself without makeup. As a person that wears makeup almost daily (granted not as much as in the picture), I don’t really see that much of a difference but because I’m used to it, I may very well be biased. What do you guys think? General opinions on makeup and different amounts, welcome. Do you think you look like a different person with your face on? #makeup #mua #highlightingandcontouring

How to Highlight and Contour with makeup

Hey everyone! So I decided to do a blog about HIghlighting and Contouring with makeup ‘cause it seems to be a popular subject lately. So here is a quick before and after so you all know what this blog is about.


Highlights and shadows are a staple to makeup artistry and most professionals know how to do it but I wanna teach you all how easy it really can be. To make it simple to understand, highlights bring out the features and shadows “contour” sinks in your features. When the light and dark colors are against each other it makes them pop “out” or “in” more. Kim Kardashian has made this a HUGE trend even though it has been done on celebs for a long time now. You should defiantly check out books from the late and famous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin because he does such a fabulous job of highlighting and contour with makeup.

Here are the steps I have made to make this simple:


1. Clean and moisturize the face  *optional:  Face primer (which I did use) It makes the makeup go on smoothly and stay longer

2. With a small flat concealer brush apply a cream based foundation/concealer (that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone) on the bridge of the nose, up in between the eyebrows going up slightly onto the forehead, under eyes to hairline to above the cheekbone, above lips “cupids bow”, middle of chin and to above the jawline . I used a yellow based concealer ‘cause I like the added warmth to my face and it’s great for dark circles. An orange tone is good for a dark complexion and a pinky tone is good for a fair complexion.

3.-5. With a duo fiber rounded medium brush apply a cream based foundation/concealer (that’s a few shades darker than you skin tone) on the sides of the nose up to the start of the eyebrows down to the tip of the nose, underneath the cheekbone, at the jawline and can also bring that down to the neck, on the top of the forehead near the hairline and at the temple. (use a small flat concealer brush for the side of the nose)

6. Now apply your actual foundation that matches you skin tone with a sponge or preferably a large duo fiber brush in light strokes, making sure everything is well blended and evenly. I used a liquid foundation ‘cause I wanted a lighter feel especially since I just used a lot of cream foundation.

7. Next you apply your face powder with a large dome powder brush to set everything in place then you fill in eyebrows if necessary. I added a peachy blush on my cheeks and a matte beige brown blush to the contour areas with a medium blush brush. Eyes:  Matte dark brown shadow to the crease of my eye with small dome shape brush, pale golden frost shadow to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye with a small flat brush and a medium bronzy peach to the bottom eyeliner. Now apply a nude lip liner for the lips.

8. Last step is black/dark brown eyeliner on top, bottom and waterline. WIth a small pencil-shaped tip brush I smudged a bronze pearl brown eye shadow into the liner on the lower lash line to soften it and I added black mascara to top and bottom lashes. *optional: false lashes (which I did use) Now last thing is to add a golden pink gloss over a nude pink lipstick and you are done!  

If you feel like your face has that “too much makeup” look (cause of the cream foundation) spray some MAC  Fix+ Spray to set the makeup and to give back that natural look.

I hope this was helpful and that you learned some new tricks!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Here are the products I used: 


1. Face Primer: Lisa Watier Base Miracle Primer Naimie’s Beauty Center or their store location in Valley Village, Ca (This store is open for retail and professionals customers)

2.Contour color: Ben Nye matte foundation “Au Lait” Naimie’s Beauty Center   

3. Highlight color: Ben Nye concealer- yellow (from Ben Nye concealer palette) Naimie’s Beauty Center

4. Face foundation: Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation around $32 at Naimie’s or Sephora.                                                                          

Ben Nye loose powder (not shown) - Banana (this shade is used a lot on Kim Kardashian) $10 at Naimie’s Beauty Center

5. Contour Blush: MAC blush “Harmony” (it looks darker in person) LOVE this color $21

6. Blush: MAC blush “Peaches” $21

7.Bottom lid shadow: Lorac eyeshadow “Serentity”  it’s Discontinued

8. Eyeliners: Urban Decay 24/7 liner “Zero” and “Demolition” (My Fav) Around $18 at any Sephora store

9. Lipliner: MAC lipliner “Boldly Bare” $15

10. Lipgloss MAC liglass “nymphette” MAC lipstick (not shown) cremesheen “Crème Cup”(My Fav)

11. Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Around $6 at any Target store

Ardell natural false lashes (not shown) “Demi Pixies” $4 or $5 at any Sally’s Beauty Supply store

And the Mac eye shadows I used were:     

Frosty “Nylon” for the brown bone and inner corner of the eye        

Matte “Corduroy” for the crease on the eyelid 

Velvet “Mulch” for smudging into the liner in lower lash line

-Thanks again!

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